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Direct Mental Challenges As a Difficulty with Physical Recovery For Alec Sinkfield WVU

MORGANTOWN, W.Va. – Returning from injury is a two-step challenge.

The physical side, including surgery sometimes, and subsequent rehabilitation. Then there is the mental side – and it is too much there. Initially, frustration and disbelief are to the fore. Once dealt with, there is too much of the injured area to get back to its original functionality, it rarely happens at the desired speed. Finally, there is doubt – is everything as good as it was already?

West Virginia running west Alec Sinkfield (20) hand stricken force on Clay Johnston of the Bay (44)

WVU is running back Alec Sinkfield has done all that in the last few months, and now he is on the other side of it, he can talk about it openly. However, this was another matter.

“It is certainly an internal conversation,” he said about the suspicions of solving performance back to peak.

For athletes who are accustomed to doing great physical exercises, many of us can only look surprisingly, no wonder. Some people may consider suspicion, or discuss them with others. This is not the case, of course, but today's culture often does.

However, Sinkfield has dealt with the injury and recovery process as well as is envisaged.

It started on a promising season in the 2018 season, and received 43 yards retracing and getting home a WVU win over Tennessee and the State of Youngstown. However, he continued high ankle sprain, which kept him out of the next four competitions in Virginia Virginia. He returned to 55 yards against Baylor, but it was obvious that he was not a normal shock. He spent only two more games in the rest of the year, and the frustration he made to deal with it was obvious.

“It doesn't belong to the injury,” he explained. “It's all mentally. You don't realize you can't do something you love, and you 're forced to return your body than the hardest part. When I could go back to work, it helped me go through. ”

Sinkfield said that his ankle did not feel right until about a week after the bowl game. During the intervening times in the meantime, the flip side of the mental challenge began.

“The ankle appeared weak at some point, so you have to go back to understand that it's ok to plant it, it's ok to run it as quickly as you can,” he said, arguing the ideas of athletes who have learned how to use confidence from their bodies again. “You need to be confident that the trainers know what they are doing and have a plan for you.”

Somehow, it's like one friend allowing someone else down. The trust needs to be developed again, and perhaps this is not the quickest process. As Sinkfield went through the rehabilitation process, his confidence in what he could do was returned.

He is transporting this to a new level this spring, putting it on the test in any way possible.

“I'm trying as much as I can to make sure that I'm on the pitch,” said the sophomore resale from Delray Beach, Florida. “If the main focus is not running back, then I have to return a receiver and a kick-back and a pound or whatever is serious enough for me to succeed in that place.” T

He has no stone left. During the spring, he was on each of the four special teams (the clear exception because of the occupied box) and is becoming the leader of the renewed emphasis being placed by the main coach Neal Brown. . Their aggressive resume may also increase, as it is a few times in the receiver to take advantage of his arrest skills. This is a new challenge, but having faced the much more difficult obstacles to clear it during 2018, it needs to be well prepared for whatever roles are waiting for them.

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