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Directed by Shinji Nishijima at the Ahn Jong-pil Free Press Award

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The special award was given to JTBC reporters for ‘Reporting the tracing of Kim Myeong-guk of the 5.18 North Korean special forces’.

Japanese director Shinji Nishijima, who made the documentary film ‘Target’, was selected as the winner of the 33rd Ahn Jong-pil Free Press Award Bonsang.

According to the Dong-A Freedom Press Protection Struggle Committee (Dong-A Fighting Committee) on the 18th, the jury committee for the Ahn Jong-pil Free Press Award explained the reason for its selection because director Nishijima produced ‘Target’ and took the lead in reporting the truth and practicing free speech.

‘Target’ contains the legal struggles and activities of reporter Takashi Uemura, who was oppressed and disadvantaged in Japan for the first time reporting on the issue of comfort women in the Japanese military, and accused the right wing of attacking him.

The special award went to Bong Ji-wook, Chae Seung-gi, Ra Jeong-ju, and Song Woo-young, JTBC reporters who reported ‘In-depth coverage-‘May 18 North Korean special forces Kim Myeong-guk tracking report’.

The Ahn Jong-pil Free Press Award is awarded annually by Dong-A Fighting Movement to ‘those who have achieved outstanding achievements in promoting the free press and reporting the truth by independence from power and capital’.

It was enacted in 1987 in the succession of Ahn Jong-pil, the second chairman of the Dong-A Fighting Committee.

The awards ceremony will be held on the 22nd at the Korea Press Center in Jung-gu, Seoul along with the ’47th Anniversary of the Declaration of Free Press Practice’ and the ’27th Unification Press Awards Ceremony’.

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