Director: Administrators want to continue to grow at West Virginia West Virginia Airport after the record set year WV News

BRIDGEPORT – North Western Airport Administrators hope to continue the financial finances of the airport after the 2018 arrangements.

The airport, struggling to meet a minimum passenger number just a few years ago, was served on more than 35,000 passengers in 2018. The first time the airport was over 35,000 passengers in 1978, according to Director Rick Rock.

The increase in passenger traffic can be attributed to the consistency of two main carriers of the airport, Allegiant Airlines and United Airlines, and United United States daily flights to Chicago and Washington, D.C., Rock said.

"I think the most important thing that has helped us to reach a significant second out of 1978 is to provide a good service and ultimately attract a partner to our same values ​​and goals," he said.

The airport has additional flights to its schedule, and it is hoped that they will help achieve the 2019 input target, said Rock.

"This year, we're trying to get 45,000 or more," he said. "In February, March and the third week in April we have flights to Orlando three days a week. Grow that, because we use only two. Then, when you send three incidence per week to Orlando and Myrtle Beach this summer, it is a great opportunity for us.

"The amount of seat to do there will be a good opportunity for us to be able to get there. Then you have to take the Saturday (fly to Washington, D.C.) that we will be adding (in May), and it's another opportunity."

Tracy Miller, executive director of the Aerospace Atlantic Ocean Complex, the entity responsible for promoting marketing and the airport, said that the airport's Special Project team has credit for the success of the airport.

"A year and a half ago, the Benedum Airport Authority decided to designate a Special Project Team," she said. "Since this team started at a meeting every week, it made the difference around the world. This team looked at increasing everything from our air service and increasing our size to the level of fair land available at this time. "

The financial stability of the airport has decreased significantly on the size of local wards and Harrison and Marion County commissions need to contribute to ensuring that the airport is capable of meeting its minimum income guarantees with its carriers, said Rock.

"From my background and mentors, my goal was never to provide the best service at the lowest cost of taxpayers," he said. "We would like to know how we maximize any tax investment at the airport to make a positive opinion on investment, which is of great benefit to the local and regional community."

The total scope of the airport's total economic impact on the North Western region in the North West will not be known until the results of two recently commissioned commission administrators find Rock, said.

During the latest meeting of the Benedum Airport Authority, Rock requested "not exceeding" $ 25,000 to pay for a real market description and an economic impact study on airport operations.

The same time in which similar studies were carried out in 2013 showed an overall economic impact of over $ 1 billion, Rock said.

"I believe our economic consequence has grown," he said. "It will be interesting to see where we are five years later. When we finished it, we did not even have the Allegiant component, they just started at the end of 2013. Now that the air components We have an extra service, we will continue to grow it's growing. "

The collection of aerospace firms around the airport has increased and they continue to add employees since the last study, Rock said.

"Our aerospace industry and our local companies have grown and we are trying to expand beyond," he said. "The industry continues to demonstrate projected growth and the need for mechanics and pilots as our population grows worldwide and we achieve more through a global economy. There is no doubt that the air service do a lot of her. "

The data from the updated studies will be used to market the airport and attract additional aerospace companies to the area, which will provide additional employment opportunities, Miller said.

"This is really about putting people to West Virginia," she said. "We want our people to stay here. We want our people living in this North Central regional community to know that they can go to a job that has health benefits, with retirement benefits.

"We know that all our companies are healthy in five years. As we get the first economic impact study, we know that what we are doing is keeping families in West Virginia and enable them and their children and children to stay here. "


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