Director-General of DSI ordered to investigate the case of news of officials involved in the transfer of land title deeds on Koh Nui Nok Krabi Province, Siam Rath

As it appears in the online media In the case of Mangrove Forest Conservation Group, Ban Je Lee, Koh Lanta District Krabi with a spokesman for the Consumer Protection Commission House of Representatives Have examined the process of issuing land title deeds on Koh Nui Krabi that it is in accordance with the law or not After finding doubts in the issuance of such licenses in many respects The results of the investigation revealed that the said land title deed It has an area of ​​​​approximately 5 rai, covering the land of Koh Nui Nok. Koh Lanta District Krabi province, the whole island by the director of the Surat Thani Land Survey Center. which is a land officer A land title deed was issued to a villager on September 28, 2021, just two days before retirement, and later the said plot of land was transferred to a civil servant of the Department of Special Investigation. It is suspected that Aug. 1, used as evidence for issuing such rights documents, is likely to come from other areas of land. It was also found that land title deeds were also issued on other islands of Krabi province in the same way. which is in the process of preparing evidence for submission to the NACC

Department of Special Investigation would like to clarify to the public that the suppression of offenses relating to natural resources and the environment It is an important matter and a government policy. including Mr. Somsak Thepsutin, Minister of Justice assigned to the Department of Special Investigation to prosecute continually, Mr. Traiyarit Temhiwong, Director-General of the Department of Special Investigation therefore ordered the Division of Natural Resources and Environment Coordinate requests for information from the Consumer Protection Commission House of Representatives immediately consider and assign the Human Resources Management Group to process the proposal to order another investigation of the facts as well

The Department of Special Investigation Emphasis is placed on transparent and fair operation. get involved will continue to proceed according to the law


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