Director Jung, who left Park Myung-soo, “It was very difficult after that.”

Recalling the days of ‘Infinite Challenge’, “The members take good care of the staff… Yoo Jae-suk still calls him ‘Bangkok-hyung'”

Park Myung-soo, former manager, Jeong Seok-kwon, appeared on the YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympics’ and reported his current status. /Photo = YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympics’ capture

[아시아경제 온라인이슈팀] Comedian Park Myung-soo’s former manager Jung Seok-kwon (Jeong Seok-kwon) told his current situation.

On the 2nd, on the YouTube channel ‘Recent Olympics’, a video titled ‘Meeting Chief Jeong of Infinite Challenge’ was released.

Director Jeong is a person who left a legendary scene, such as holding a ballpoint pen thrown by Park Myung-soo during the broadcast of MBC’s ‘Infinite Challenge’ and later called ‘collecting poison’ among netizens.

When asked, “I think ‘Infinite Challenge’ will have a lot of memories,” he recalled and replied, “At that time, it was very difficult for all the staff, all the members, and everyone on the show.” Director Jung said, “Usually it took about a week to shoot and whether or not it would come out for a day or not. I know how much effort I put into one episode because I was by my side.”

He continued, “The members took care of the staff and managers a lot. They paid for the entire meal and took care of the staff congratulations and condolences. Even now, Jae-seok Yoo still calls me ‘the big brother’.”

When Director Jeong got married in 2008, the members of ‘Infinite Challenge’ appeared as guests and gathered a lot of attention. Director Jeong said, “Haha sang a congratulatory song while serving in the military, and Ms. Park Myeong-soo took care of the host. Jong-guk Kim, Yong-man Kim, and Suk-jin Ji also came, but they probably didn’t come to see me, but to see Myeong-soo Park. Thank you, Ms. Park Myung-soo.” said hello

Director Jeong also mentioned the difficulties after leaving Park Myung-soo. He said, “I am over 50 years old. It made me uncomfortable because the age difference between the director and the staff at the site was too great for field work.” It was not the sky and the earth, it was the difference between the sky and the universe.”

As for the recent situation, “I took a break for more than a year due to the influence of Corona 19. There were times when I had bad thoughts, but one day I saw the light.” He said, “I decided to make a trot girl group. “He said. He continued, “I hope that those who are having a hard time with Corona 19 will overcome well. I will overcome well and make our singer a success.”

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