Director Shin Jung-won of ‘Sicily 2km’ died of acute sepsis on the 4th… age 47

Actor Lee Jung-hyun (left) and director Shin Jeong-won / Still cuts from ‘Night of Immortal Humans’ © News1

Director Shin Jung-won, who directed ‘Sicily 2km’ and ‘Night of Immortal Humans’, passed away on the 4th.

According to the film industry on the 4th, director Shin Jung-won died of acute sepsis on the same day. 47 years old.

An official from the movie said, “Director Shin Jung-won originally had a bad liver, but suddenly he was hospitalized due to acute sepsis and died that day.”

The mortuary was prepared in Room 2 of the funeral hall of Severance Hospital in Gangnam. Birth is scheduled for the 6th.

Meanwhile, director Shin Jung-won made his debut in 2004 with ‘Sicily 2km’ and directed the films ‘Chow’ (2009), ‘Fortune Tellers’ (2012), and ‘Night of Immortal Humans’ (2020).

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