Disabled groups “must support deinstitutionalization and self-reliance”… Call for passage of Seoul ordinance

Press conference for the installation of an incense burner for the developmental and severely disabled people

picture explanationPress conference for the installation of an incense burner for the developmental and severely disabled people

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A group of people with disabilities installed an incense burner in front of the Seoul City Council to commemorate a family with a disability who recently made an extreme choice, and started a protest to urge the passage of an ordinance to support deinstitutionalization for the disabled.

The Seoul Solidarity for the Elimination of Discrimination against Persons with Disabilities (Seoul Jeonjangyeon) and the Seoul Solidarity for Parents of the Disabled installed three white tents in front of the Seoul City Hall in Jung-gu, Seoul on the afternoon of the 30th. In one of them, an incense burner was set up for the victims of developmental and severely disabled people. The incense burner will remain in operation until July 10, the 49th of the disabled family who died on the 23rd of this month.

They argued that in order to prevent the death of people with developmental disabilities, the currently proposed ordinance on deinstitutionalization in Seoul for the disabled should be passed as soon as possible.

Park Gyeong-seok, CEO Jeon Jang-yeon said, “The Seoul City Council should pass an ordinance to support deinstitutionalization so that people with disabilities can live in the community with non-disabled people.”

On the 25th of this month, Seo Yoon-gi, a city councilor belonging to the Democratic Party of Korea, proposed the ‘Ordinance on Deinstitutionalization and Support for the Settlement of the Disabled in the Community’. The main goal of this ordinance is to provide housing for the disabled so that they can become independent in the local community without living in a facility.

Lee Hyung-sook, president of the Seoul Center for Independent Living for the Disabled, said, “The city of Seoul even announced a press release in March last year that it would enact an ordinance to support deinstitutionalization of the disabled. .

Meanwhile, at the incense burner installed by the two organizations on the platform in the Samgak area of ​​Seoul Subway Line 4, Seoul Mayor Kwon Su-jeong of the Justice Party and Seoul Superintendent Jo Hee-yeon visited and paid their condolences in the afternoon.

In Seoul on the 23rd of this month, a 6-year-old son with developmental disabilities and his mother in their 40s threw themselves to death in an apartment together. On the same day, in Incheon, a woman in her 60s killed her daughter with a severe disability and tried to make an extreme choice, but only her daughter died.


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