“Disahat” Moves SDG, OR Edition, Sustainable Incremental Business Strategy

by PTT restructured the business with the transfer of oil and retail businesses Including shares of affiliates of PTT Oil Business Unit to OR on July 1, 2018, and later OR was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand on February 11, 2021.

Disatat Panyarachun Chief Executive Officer PTT Oil Business and Retail Public Company Limited or OR Revealed that OR has set a new strategic framework for business under the vision “Empowering All Towards Inclusive Growth : OR Delivering Opportunities for all growth together” In accordance with the PTT Group’s sustainability management.

OR operates its business with four missions: 1. Strengthen the integrated energy business for uninterrupted mobility in line with future energy trends. By expanding the scope of business operations from the Oil Ecosystem to the Energy Solutions Ecosystem.

2. Commitment to creating a comprehensive lifestyle choice to meet the needs of all lifestyles (All Lifestyles)

By expanding business scope from the food and beverage business (F&B Ecosystem) to create a complete business ecosystem (One Stop Solution Ecosystem) in order to meet behavioral trends and consumer needs.

3. Expanding the business base to create success and acceptance in the global market (Global Market) by extending the business to foreign countries where OR operates in the oil business. and retail business of other goods and services abroad; a

4. Solving social and environmental problems to upgrade to innovation in the way OR (OR Innovation) OR exploits existing business strength and potential OR to createbusiness opportunity

anyway OR has set organizational goals for the year 2030 or OR 2030 Goals That includes operations in 3 dimensions, which include the environment dimension (Planet), social dimension (People) and economic dimension. (Performance), which deals with a Healthy Environment, reducing negative impacts on the environment to get 1 in 3 from the business Living Community to improve the quality of life AND create more than 15,000 livable communities Economic Prosperity creates growth and spreads wealth . to more than 1,000,000 stakeholders

However, in order to answerTarget OR 2030 effective according to the concept GREEN Opportunities for a Clean Society (Low Carbon Business Areas) by promoting all types of business OR to be green businesses Support a sustainable low carbon society and achieve carbon neutrality by 2030, and achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

“NEU has placed importance on clear action in all 3 areas, including harmonizing energy and lifestyle businesses, synergies between businesses inside and outside the PTT Group, and creating a sustainable future through SDGs in the form of OR to achieve the goals OR 2030 efficiently”

For the SDG, the OR model includes S: SMALL Opportunities for the little people by doing business together with improving the quality of life in the community, D: REDIRECT Opportunities for all types of growth Through OR’s potential to be a platform to diversify various business and insurance opportunities ready to grow together, G: GREEN Opportunities for a clean society by promoting All types of business from OR become green businesses. Supporting a sustainable low carbon society

Today, OR is ready to soar its wings towards stable and sustainable growth by leveraging OR’s assets with the PTT service station business. station ready to sealPTT Group is creating an electric vehicle (EV) ecosystem. By 2030, OR aims to install 7,000 electric charging cabinets from the more than 300 existing charging stations, as well as accelerating the development of user-friendly applications.”

Efforts to set goals to create sustainability It is something that many organisations, government and business, are accelerating. But taking strategic steps, even if success has not arrived yet, it is enough to assess that the OR strategy should not be difficult to bring success.


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