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‘Disappearance rumors after exposure to sexual assault’ Chinese tennis player Peng Shun-yi, the United Nations stepped in

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A reporter from China’s state-run media, CGTN, posted three photos on his Twitter account on the 20th, stating that Feng’s recent appearance was. Reuters Yonhap News

The international community has also expressed concern about Chinese tennis player Feng Shunyi, whose whereabouts are unknown after revealing that she maintained an affair after being sexually assaulted by former Chinese deputy prime minister Zhang Gaori. The United Nations has called for a transparent investigation into the Chinese authorities, and the White House has called for proof of Peng’s whereabouts and safety.

According to AFP news agency, on the 19th (local time), UN Human Rights Office spokeswoman Liz Trossel called for a transparent investigation into the allegations of sexual assault by Peng. “I haven’t heard from the public since she claimed she was sexually assaulted,” he said at a video press briefing. On the same day, White House press secretary Jen Saki also said at a briefing.“Chinese authorities must provide verifiable evidence of her whereabouts and safety,” he said.“Any allegations of sexual assault must be investigated and women’s right to speak must be respected,” he added.

Feng’s whereabouts are unknown after allegations of sexual assault, raising concerns about his safety. Chinese media reported that Feng was resting at home and sent a letter to the Women’s Professional Tennis Association (WTA) stating that the allegations of sexual assault were not true, but the suspicions have not subsided. On the same day, a reporter from China’s state-run media CGTN posted three photos of Feng’s recent appearance on his Twitter account, but only controversy arose over its authenticity. It was pointed out that the time of the filming was unknown and the credibility was low because it was uploaded by a Chinese state-run media reporter. In the photo, there was a picture of Peng Soyi, wearing short sleeves and shorts, in a space that looked like someone’s room.

Shun Feng is a player who climbed to No. 1 in the world doubles ranking in 2014. He revealed through his social media accounts earlier this month that he was sexually assaulted by former Deputy Prime Minister Jang, and that they were in a relationship from 2007 to 2012, and that they were sexually assaulted even after retiring in 2018.

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