Disappointment! Mae Ying Lee Jai-on, her husband carried flowers in the middle of the event. answer the reason for the lightning strike

Disappointment! Mae Ying Lee Jai-on, her husband carried flowers in the middle of the event. answer the reason for the lightning strike

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causing the fans to be shocked when Phra Maha Devi or Mae Ying Lee Declare single after less than a month of marriage But most recently (December 1), he gave an interview at the media event for the film “Ho Taew Taek Khaw Khowid Pangpuriye” at SF World Cinema, Central World. Said they were just arguing but reconciled In addition, in the event, there is also a sweet scene, the husband of Chao Luang Toon, carrying a large bouquet of Ekmai to cheer him up at the place.

What happened in married life?

“Married life, regardless of gender, tongue and teeth, there must be some conflicts. Therefore, asking if Wien swings men, it must have some. But the men came after us. and then we lose his goodness that he took us from home and took us to work We can honestly say that we are weak. And the more today he comes to give us flowers at the launch of our movie, the more I feel weak.”

Mother didn’t know that before?

“Yes, I didn’t know it before. is that he came from his place. Because we don’t know if he will contact us again or how he will pour us out. And we don’t know what the relationship after this will be, but what we do know is that he came to us like this, he must love us and have a heart for us.”

What was it that attracted him so much?

“Maybe it’s an understanding? because many things Attitudes do not match, but today we try to adapt to him. And then he tried something that was not good and not deserved. Try to adapt to us.”

Is beauty related?

“I don’t care. ‘Cause I’m who I am And on the other hand, it’s virtue that matters.”

And 27 days after the wedding, what are you arguing about?

“About how we work, sometimes we don’t have time. This also plays a part Another way of living together Dressing like this is a problem.”

Show that he is jealous that we dress sexy?

“Well, we are a country of youth. therefore it plays a part But deep inside, when we come to be with him, we have to adjust our habits to suit him. There are some things that cannot be adjusted, so try.”

Were there any quarrels before marriage?

“There are some, but not to the point of breaking up like now. Because now a lot of the things he has said have touched our hearts, we are noid.”

then when arguing Do we wear them at all?

“No, it’s not that pretty. We told you not to talk to us harshly. We are people who don’t like strong words. Even though we are not beautiful, but when we agree to be together, the key words that will kill people are in the words. Therefore, whatever it hurts, don’t say it.”

He cursed us for dressing up alone, right?

“It’s about dressing. And the matter of how we talk to FC, when FC talks to us, he is too jealous that we talk too much. Talking to men, do you think otherwise?”

Like this, our sexiness must be reduced?

“I will always be who I am.”

Just over 20 days, can it change that much?

“Can it change? If someone who used to live together for one day will change. If there is no attitude and understanding It definitely changes.”

About spiciness in bed?

“Oh, it’s not delicious in bed. (Isn’t that spicy, mom?) Yummy. But it’s up to the two of us whether we’re together or not. Do you have a need? But to be honest, it’s a matter of talking to FC. with people around you all night that we have to work Sometimes, sometimes we don’t have time for him here, I can understand. How do you do something like this? We work hard. Fuse workers come back tired and get complained that like this, it must be normal. “

Do we need to talk again about work? That after this we have to talk to FC?

“We have to adjust our understanding of him. And then on the other hand, we are people of society. So when we say something The way you talk to someone you have to be open about.”

And what is said in the live broadcast that we will find a new teenager here?

“Oh, what did you bring? When he came to be so reluctant, what did he bring? And marriage is not content. It didn’t happen easily. Therefore, we must study As said after this, we will start to hold our knees together and discuss it. If we are going to live together as a couple, we need to understand each other more. And anything that doesn’t understand each other, use soft words. We can accept it and we are ready to listen to every question and problem.”

Many people tease that it’s Bella’s second body?

“Oh, I’m not someone’s second body. Be myself.”

Shocked? People compare things to each other. Bella quits, mom quits?

“Simply put, we are transgender. We pour hormones on the way men talk rudely. We don’t like it anyway. Therefore, our own negligence, our own negligence.”

Call it hormones?

“Hormones have been the cause. It’s called the element of understanding. This is the most important cause.”

In conclusion, do not quit now?

“In conclusion, now that he has come to reconcile, we will not quit.”

Is it a legend? Get dressed quickly, quit quickly, get back up very quickly.”?

“Mom keeps repeating the same words as before: Is it a legend or not a legend? It depends on how much the two people understand each other. If he is ready to live with us, he must have to change his behavior and attitude to suit us. We work hard and try to adjust the attitude to suit him.”

If it breaks up next time, will you post the same announcement again?

“Oh, we don’t. We won’t take it anymore. Because there will be nothing, we will miss the first date of dating. and leave it to the youth of Thip City We must look at his virtues. and look at the behavioral attitude Don’t make a quick decision like Lady Lee. You’re wrong, you’re wrong, baby It can’t solve the problem back. Pain, pain, bruising must not happen at Muang Thip Thip Thip.”

Many people tell Mother Jokta?

“Oh, what am I going to do? People like me don’t have eyesight. because he has always been in the line of merit and one thing that is already the essence And that’s what I always try to tell my FC that Try, children, marriage is not born easily. And for one thing, there are very few men who decide to marry our type. or it doesn’t have any So please Don’t make a decision or make a quick decision. May everyone who has a life partner adjust their attitudes and take care of them and pay attention to us. and then pleases us to pay attention to him All couples will be able to stand and be together forever.”

“Tropical youth. This Lady Lee will not disappoint teenagers. Married life can be born, we have to help each other to continue to be a good role model for the next generation. To know that even a third gender like us can have a man who truly loves. and stand by our side all the time.”


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