Disclosure in actress attack case: R. Srilekha’s statement will be taken – Actress attack case | R Sreelekha | Dileep

Kochi: The police is preparing to proceed with contempt of court proceedings against the former jail DGP R. Srilekha, who revealed that the eighth accused, actor Dileep, is innocent in the case of assault on the actress. The prosecution has sought legal advice in this regard. The investigation team is moving to record their statements with the permission of the court. For this, the trial court may be approached today. If there is no sitting today, the application will be considered tomorrow.

In the case, the investigation team has assessed that there has been serious contempt of court on the part of the former DGP. A senior police officer who was earlier in the service says that one of the accused in the case is not guilty and it is considered as an attempt to sabotage the investigation of the case. The court is approached by pointing out that this will affect the trial.

They say that the top official of the investigation team revealed that the picture with the police was forged to prove the relationship between actor Dileep and the accused Pulsar Suni, which will affect the case. Srilekha is going to be interrogated to gather facts about this and to know under what circumstances these things were disclosed.

The investigation team has taken the position that there is no truth in their disclosure. Officials are also questioning on what basis someone who was not part of the investigation team at any stage of the case investigation is leveling these allegations. At the same time, these allegations are putting pressure on the investigation team as they have to complete the further investigation of the case and submit a report by the 15th of this month.

English Summary: Will take statement of R Sreelekha in Actress attack case


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