Discover 3 out of 12 coins that have a chance to be listed on Bitazza. Vote for your friends in the Freedom DAO.

Discover 3 out of 12 coins that have a chance to be listed on Bitazza. Vote for your friends in the Freedom DAO.
BABYDOGE from BabyDoge
Created in June 2021, BabyDoge is an evolution of the popular Dogecoin cryptocurrency. BABYDOGE is a BEP-20 standard token built on the Binance Smart Chain and features unique token economics. Including automatic liquidity generation and rewards for token holders.
BabyDoge has a 10% transaction fee, with 5% of that fee distributed back to the original BabyDoge holders, while the remaining 5% is allocated to PancakeSwap’s liquidity library to promote price stability and provide rewards for long-term holders. This mechanism encourages investors to hold their own tokens and benefit from the amount of tokens redistributed.
BabyDoge also offers real-world uses. This includes plans for BabyDoge cards and mobile apps, and integration with leading marketplace platforms such as WooCommerce, Shopify, and Magento. The BabyDoge team also collaborates with other projects and businesses. Encourage the ecosystem to expand and increase the actual use of the token.
BabyDoge’s community focus is manifested through charitable initiatives and strategic partnerships. Project developers are committed to making a positive impact by donating to animal welfare organizations such as Paws with Cause, Furkids, Best Friends, ASPCA, Humane Society, etc.
The total supply of Baby Doge tokens is currently 42 billion tokens. Of these, 29.5 trillion tickets. in circulation, and approximately 30% of BabyDoge (12.5 trillion tokens) are removed from circulation through token burning.

BLUR is an ERC-20 token used for the administration of Blur, the main NFT market and aggregator, where BLUR is used for voting. And let token holders decide the development and direction of the platform. BLUR can also be used to place stakes to win prizes through the platform’s liquidity providers. BLUR’s staking will provide liquidity to the market that can improve the overall user experience and support the growth of the platform.
Blur is a popular NFT marketplace built on the Ethereum blockchain through Polygon Layer 2 on the Ethereum network, allowing artists, musicians and creators to easily create and sell their digital work as NFTs on the blockchain. It is designed as a low-fee and alternative NFT creator royalty model that rewards users who pay for royalties with additional BLUR tokens as an incentive to create a more equal balance between users, builder and merchant
Blur’s marketplace offers state-of-the-art features such as real-time pricing. manage a portfolio and compare NFTs across multiple markets.Blur also offers price display and NFT buying functions faster than other exchange platforms, making it popular with real NFT traders.
There are currently 360 million BLUR tokens in circulation, and a total of 3 billion tokens are planned to be released eventually.

🪙 CHZ of Chiliz
Chiliz (CHZ) is an ERC-20 and BEP-2 based cryptocurrency, specifically aimed at sports and entertainment. Use tokens to power the Socios platform, generate fan tokens and provide benefits. Users will be able to use CHZ to exchange fan tickets based on their favorite brands on the Socios platform, which currently supports more than 150 partners from different fields, including football, gaming, fighting, racing, basketball, tennis, ice hockey. American Football, Rugby, etc. This Fan Token is a unique utility token that allows holders to participate and vote on events and decisions that take place on the platform.
Chiliz and Socios, founded by Alexandre Dreyfus, has grown rapidly to become a leading provider of blockchain-based support tools for sports and entertainment. This will help build audience engagement on the web3. Not worried about developing blockchain technology on their own, Chiliz raised over $66 million in 2018 through a private token sale with a group of prominent investors including Binance, OK Blockchain Capital, Ceyuan. Ventures, FBG Capital, and other investors.
Organizations and brands The supply of Fan Vouchers offered in the Fan Token Offering (FTO) fundraising program will be limited on a first-come, first-served basis. The launch price and market cap were previously revealed by Chiliz and can be purchased using CHZ tokens.
In addition, Chiliz Network version 2.0 (CC2) is planned to be released by the end of this year and will be available as a web development ecosystem protocol Pool3 that can replace the CHZ of in-app currency. It is used for buying fan tokens to become CC2 network tokens that drive the mechanistic consensus system model. Proof-of-Stake The upgrade will raise the usage level for CHZ higher and Set the CHZ token as the driving force for the entire Chiliz ecosystem.
The total supply of CHZ tokens was 8.8 billion at launch in October 2018 and was distributed to early backers of the project without being publicly traded through an exchange.

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* Cryptocurrencies and digital tokens have a high level of risk. You may lose the entire investment amount.
Study and invest appropriately with your risk appetite.
**Conditions are as determined by the company.
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