Discover the Magical Blooms and Healing Properties of Gujeolcho in the Alpine Area

A Challenging Road with a Unique Love Story: Exploring the Beauty of Gujeolcho

The journey from Hangyeryeong to Gwidaegicheong is anything but easy. It is a path filled with rough terrain, scattered with stones, rocks, and tangled tree roots, making every step a slow and difficult one. On misty days, when clouds engulf the surroundings, thoughts of descending the mountain repeatedly cross my mind. Amongst the treacherous sections, the Nereok Rock portion stands out as particularly dangerous. But amidst this ruggedness, there is something truly special about this road. Even in the barren land, perched over 1,500 meters above sea level, love manages to flourish, and life continues to be born.

At the end of August, when extreme heat and raging typhoons dominated the region, an extraordinary love story unfolded on the rocky cliffs of Gwidaegicheong. The passion and intensity shared between a pair of vipers became immortalized, with Gujeolcho flowers bearing witness to their devotion. It is not without reason that Gujeolcho blooms with such enchanting beauty.

Gujeolcho: Captivating the Alpine Landscape

In the alpine area, Gujeolcho dominates the landscape, leaving no room for comparison with any other plant. Its indomitable spirit and unwavering strength to withstand harsh winds and ever-changing weather conditions exudes a strong maternal instinct. Perhaps that is why the language of Gujeolcho flowers reflects a profoundly feminine essence, symbolizing hope, purity, autumnal elegance, and a mother’s love. Though its elegant appearance may deceive some, rest assured, its effectiveness is unparalleled. It is prescribed for various ailments in both traditional oriental medicine and private practices, owing to its minimal side effects.

Gujeolcho: Nurturer of Life and Provider of Well-being

Flavonoids, phenolic acids, vitamins, amino acids, vitamin C, minerals, and dietary fiber are among the confirmed components of Gujeolcho. Some extracts have been found to regulate female hormones, alleviating menopausal symptoms and preventing or treating osteoporosis. Its antioxidant properties are known to enhance blood circulation and aid in detoxification, resulting in improved sleep and smoother skin. Remarkably, Gujeolcho also impacts emotional regulation, calming excitement and reducing anger and stress. In a challenging world, it is a plant that should be cherished, as it offers solace and serenity.

Embracing Gujeolcho: Seeking Respite in an Evocative Plant

In a world where good news seems scarce and events and accidents relentlessly ravage lives and the environment, each individual constantly weighs their personal gains and losses. The collapse of justice and societal order has led to self-sufficiency becoming the survival mantra. In such tumultuous times, one cannot help but admire the wisdom, tenacity, and determination of Gujeolcho, a plant that endures even after conquering nine challenging hardships. As you encounter Gujeolcho on the rocky peaks along the Baekdudaegan Range in Seorak Mountain, its significance deepens with each sighting. Don’t miss the opportunity to embark on a hiking adventure surrounded by Gujeolcho’s breathtaking beauty. And while you’re at it, sip on a comforting cup of tea infused with the petals of this remarkable plant.

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The road from Hangyeryeong to Gwidaegicheong is rough and rugged. Stones, rocks and tree roots make walking slow and difficult. On days when mist and clouds overlap, I find myself thinking about descending the mountain again and again. The Nereok Rock section is particularly dangerous. But there is something special about this road. Even in the desert land over 1,500 meters above sea level, love flourishes and life is born. At the end of August, when the extreme heat and the typhoon were raging, the long-term love story of a couple of vipers continued on the rock of Gwidaegicheong. Their love was passionate and hot, and Gujeolcho was the witness. There is a good reason why Gujeolcho blooms with magical flowers.

Gujeolcho in the alpine area overwhelms its surroundings. No other plant can compare to Sangujeolcho these days. Perseverance and perseverance to overcome rough winds and changing weather and nurture life! I feel a strong maternal instinct. Is that why? The language of Gujeolcho flowers is strongly feminine, including hope, purity, autumn woman, and motherly love. What about its use? The young leaves are eaten as a vegetable, and the flowers and stem leaves are used as ingredients for tea or as medicine. Don’t be put off by its elegant appearance, its effectiveness is outstanding. Because it has almost no side effects, it is prescribed for various diseases in oriental medicine as well as in the private sector.

Flavonoids, phenolic acids, vitamins, amino acids, vitamin C, minerals, dietary fiber… . Here are the Gujeolcho ingredients that have been confirmed so far. Among these, some extracts affect the regulation of female hormones, improving menopausal symptoms and preventing or treating osteoporosis. Antioxidants are beneficial for blood circulation and waste removal, help you sleep well and smooth your skin. Gujeolcho’s warming properties are said to aid digestion and prevent gastrointestinal diseases. Surprisingly, this plant also has an effect on the regulation of emotions. For this reason, it is said to calm excitement and reduce anger and stress, so it is a plant that should be kept close in a harsh world.

This is a world where good news is hard to come by. Various events and accidents rage like a storm, lives and the world mysterious. Rather than good and bad, we first weigh each person’s benefit and loss. Justice and order in the community collapsed, and self-sufficiency became the standard for survival. I can only envy the wisdom, persistence, and perseverance of Gujeolcho (九節草), which sustains one’s life even after overcoming nine hardships. The more Gujeolcho you come across on the rugged high peaks along the Baekdudaegan Range in Seorak Mountain, the more special its meaning becomes. Before it’s too late, go hiking in Gujeolcho. With a relaxing cup of tea with flower petals Gujeolcho Director of the Strategy Bureau

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