Discuss the use of LAAB to treat “Covid” tomorrow, preliminary for people to start getting sick, the elderly group with bad immune disease

The Department of Disease Control is preparing to discuss ways to use LAAB to treat covids on November 4 after FDA approves expanded indications. It was initially used in people who were just starting to get sick, the elderly group. have a chronic disease of poor immunity as well as protection Clarify and change the vaccine to LAAB if more is needed.

On 3 November, Dr Thares Krasanairawivong Director General of the Department of Disease Control was interviewed about the progress of using ready immunity (Long-acting Antibody: LAAB) in the treatment that LAAB was originally registered for the first time. Used for injections to prevent COVID-19, but recently when more studies have been done abroad The FDA of Thailand has also approved the expansion of the indications for the treatment of COVID-19, high risk groups or poor immunity . to be distributed in each service unit


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