Discussion there! Ordered a hot espresso. all black coffee Bitter murmur – can’t eat Netizens are right

Discussion there! The girl ordered a hot espresso. But got 2 shots of pure black coffee. Complaining about the bitterness – can’t eat like this. Tell other stores not like this. Netizens point out that there is nothing wrong with Thai people who do not know much about coffee.

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became another story People are paying attention right now. After one Facebook user Has released a photo after she ordered a hot espresso. with employees at a convenience store But the shop served her black coffee. No sugar or cream which when calling to ask at the branch, received a clarification that If you order hot espresso, you will get 2 shots of coffee like this.

“Ordered a hot espresso, it came like this. Bittersweet. Normally, they don’t use cream. Or something to give? Because calling the branch, they said if ordering hot espresso. I will only get 2 shots of coffee. We can’t eat it. It’s too bitter. Normally, order xxx and xxx won’t be like this. You’re missing out. #Pity for money #must go back to xxx as usual.

from that story The consumer page has also come out to talk about the story as well. Along with asking the netizens what their opinions are. “That’s right!!!! Eh…or not??? #What do consumers think???” Of course, the story of this coffee has received a lot of attention. Many people say that the shop has done exactly as ordered. If customers want sugar or cream, they can pick up a sachet and fill it by themselves.

Some people think that there is no one right or wrong in this matter. because of the understanding of the coffee Thai people do not know much about this. If the customer is not sure, they should ask the shop. And the shop should explain what kind of coffee the customer wants if they ask. Some share their experiences of being tired of having to explain to customers. Some tell stories of themselves ordering coffee. I’ve also encountered some strange cases, such as ordering an Americano and seeing something sweet, for example.

However, from the case that it happened, it was obvious. about the misunderstanding of Espresso coffee in Thailand, causing the order of this type of coffee in Thailand to distort from the reality according to international principles. according to the meaning that the universal understanding is ‘Pure intense black coffee in a small cup’

by the word espresso It comes from the Italian word Espresso which literally means “Coffee that has been pushed out” This explains how this coffee is made by using pressure from boiling water to burst through the finely ground coffee quickly and violently until it is pure black coffee with no additives at all.

Double espresso side view Free Photo

and the important thing is Espresso coffee is available only hot. there will be no words “Iced Espresso” It is in the international coffee menu directory. For the purpose of drinking espresso coffee. It is for those who drink to get the true taste of the coffee beans intensely. without being further enhanced This type of coffee gives off the most unique aroma and flavor of the coffee bean. The drinker is therefore advised to smell and sip the coffee little by little to get a closer look at its taste.

However, it is not that “Black Coffee” All types are classified as whole espresso. Because the coffee that can be called an espresso, it must be coffee produced by the pressure of steam only. Bringing instant coffee to hot water to make black coffee is not considered espresso.

Selective focus shot of an espresso machine making tasty warm coffee in the morning Free Photo

source: facebook / mendetails



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