Disease X catches 80 Million in 36 Hours, the WHO Panel gives a warning

Disease X catches 80 Million in 36 Hours, the WHO Panel gives a warning

A report by an independent monitoring body produced by the World Health Organization (WHO) and the World Bank warned that a new pandemic could eliminate up to 80 million people in 36 hours. According to the report, there are several factors in today's society which can easily spread X Disease worldwide.

Disease X is a disease designated for an unknown pathogen that has the potential to create an epidemic or fatal pandemic in the future. It is included in the WHO priority list of dangerous diseases as well as Ebola virus.

In preparation, Disease X could come, the World Preparedness Monitoring Board (WMP), which was convened by WHO and the World Bank, released its first annual report. It provides an assessment of how a new deadly disease will affect the world.

As indicated in the GPMB report, deteriorating conditions today can increase the spread and effects of new diseases.

“The lack of access to basic health services, clean water and sanitation resulted in more difficult outbreaks for communities with lower resources; this will increase the spread of any infectious pathogen, ”said the organization.

“Ambulatory disease amplifiers, including population growth and environmental strains, climate change, dense urbanization, exponential increases in international travel and migration, forced and voluntary, pose the risk to everyone, everywhere,” it.

According to the GPMB, if the world comes like Spanish influenza, the world is considered to be one of the worst pandemics in history, about 80 million people could die in less than two day.

“The world is not ready for a fast-moving respiratory pathogenic pandemic,” the organization said. “The global flu pandemic in 1918 suffered one third of the world's population and killed up to 50 million people – 2.8% of the total population.” T

“If a similar holding took place today with a population four times more and travel times anywhere in the world less than 36 hours, 50-80 million people could fall,” the GPMB said.

Apart from the very high death toll, a pandemic of this scale could cause the public to believe that national governments cannot keep them safe. This could result from wide-scale destabilization and economic breakdowns.

ebola The staff of the hospital carry a coffin containing a body of an Italian nun, who died of the fatal Ebola virus to the cemetery in Kikwit, Democratic Republic of Congo, on 14 May 1995. Photo: Reuters


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