Dismounting on the 4th and remounting the horse slag will go to the horse in February next year

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Standard Chartered Hong Kong MarathonStandard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

The Hong Kong Athletics Federation, which hosts the “Scum Marathon”, announced yesterday, after several days of communication with relevant departments and with the full support of the government, that it plans to host the 25th Hong Kong Standard Chartered Marathon on February 12. (Sunday) next year The announcement will be made as soon as possible Tournament schedule. Mr. the epidemic, so that the public, runners and staff take part in this sporting event in a healthy and safe condition.

Mr. said , it was decided to cancel the event on November 20 this year. Yang Runxiong, director of culture, sports and tourism, said that night that he was surprised by the news and would know about it with his colleagues. Yang Deqiang questioned the reason for the cancellation of the event announced by President Tian himself until the day before yesterday. He also revealed that, at the request of President Tian, ​​​​he replied that Victoria Park has a schedule in February next year. President Tian later said he would not consider the postponement and canceled the event directly. Mr Tian did not immediately respond to Yang Deqiang’s question, but announced yesterday that he plans to “run again” in February next year.

Yang DeqiangYang Deqiang

Yang Deqiang

Tentatively capped the number of participants at 25,000

Yesterday afternoon, Yang Deqiang expressed his welcome to Mr. Tian noted that he will work closely with Mr Tian to run the marathon well and leave a good experience for the runners. He said that the time and arrangement of the slag horse had been proposed by Mr. Tian, ​​and the government cooperated, He also mentioned that Mr. rush on that day, so after announcing the cancellation of the November schedule, there was no account of the next schedule. He also said that Mr Tian has heard the opinions of many citizens in the last few days, especially those who want to run the slag horse. After consideration, he quickly decided to hold the marathon on February 12.

Regarding the number of participants in next year’s marathon, Yang Deqiang noted that the number of participants is temporarily maintained at 25,000 people, and the epidemic prevention arrangements at the beginning will be discussed further. There are no specific measures on now; Mr. Tian said at the beginning of September that he had applied to the government to change the number of race places from last year The number of people increased from 15,000 to 25,000, but there was no answer then, so he was unsure if the event would be held.

Standard Chartered Hong Kong MarathonStandard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon

Li Jiachao hopes to help organize the event as much as possible

The Chief Executive, Mr Li Jiachao, said before Mr Tian announced the new decision yesterday morning that he hoped the Sports Commissioner and Mr Tian would have room to arrange a new date. hold sports events and conference events as much as possible, create value for Hong Kong, and try their best to bring activities that citizens want to have in Hong Kong. Regarding the announcement of Mr. Tian last week to “cancel the scumbags”, he said he was disappointed that Mr. Tian has decided to cancel the November 20 race without waiting for the government’s final answer last week.

Cheng Yongshun, a member of the Legislative Council of the Democratic League for the Improvement of Hong Kong, also welcomed Mr Tian’s decision and hoped that the authorities will continue to actively assist the organizers and the industry to come up with better arrangements for the details of the event and prevent epidemic, and do their best to allow the scumbag to take place in February next year. He also urged the authorities to formulate arrangements and guidelines for the resumption of large-scale events and major events, relax the entry quarantine policy as soon as possible, strengthen the work of external commentary, allow more foreign players to participate in Hong Kong, and strive to do that. more large-scale international events to be held in Hong Kong.

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