Disney gondolas, which is moving 11 mph, will deliver almost 60 feet views over the Walt Disney World Resort

Disney's monails were air gliding gently Tuesday over a scenic lake that separates two hotels.

The Disney Skyliner system, which will open to the public later this fall, will soon have 300 gondolas to roughly match the ability of their monorail trains., company officials said.

“Our vision is this, the most magical flight on Earth,” said Dean Huspen, chief architect of Walt Disney Imagineering.

Disney leaders gave Tuesday's construction update on the gondolas, which are being tested. All but one was covered with plastic, protecting them as a new car. They will be revealed gradually starting around May to show the eight bright colors and 22 Disney character themes.

But don't expect to get a trip any time soon.

By August, Disney employees could be among the first passengers during the testing process that will take place for months.

Running on more than six miles of cable, the gondolas travel around 11 mph, giving passengers a bird's eye view of lakes, roads, woods and Walt Disney World Resort's Resort. The typical journey will last between five and 15 minutes as gondolas fly from 15 feet up to about 60 feet in the air.

“These are wonderful views,” said Thomas Mazloum, Senior Disney Vice President who oversees transport and resorts, who said the journey feels much faster than 11 mph.

Within gondola, ten wooden benches can carry up to 10 people.

On social media, some fans of theme parks criticized the lack of air conditioning in the gondolas.

But Mazloum insisted that the tour is "completely comfortable."

“We designed them specifically for the Florida climate,” he said, focusing on reflective windows that would prevent sunlight and mesh screens on both sides to introduce wind.

At the stations, gondolas will be moving in, moving constantly, for the guests to climb on. Disney will be able to pause the gondolas for people in wheelchairs and those who need extra time.

Disney Skyliner stops

Epcot, Hollywood Studios, Caribbean Beach Resort, Animation Art / Pop Age, Riviera Resort are to be opened soon.

Some of the cabins will be decorated in clear colors, such as lively or purple teal, and the other gondolas will have characters from Disney's films and attractions.

On Tuesday, Disney showed red gondola with images of Pluto and the Chip Ch n Dale chipmunks.

Huspen is an orange cabin which is decorated from characters in the 2017 movie “Coco.”

“They all have their own personality,” he said.

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