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‘Disqualified’ American mixed relay team advances to finals after retrial… The breath of an athletic powerhouse?

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In the mixed 1600m relay, runner 1 (male) touched runner 2 (female) in the other team, while runner 1 (white + red in blue bottom) from the US team in lane 3 on the right still did not pass the baton. I keep running without it. The US team’s No. 2 runner was far behind the other No. 2 runners. Captured from MBC’s broadcast.

The U.S. mixed 1,600m relay team, which was disqualified for ‘violating the baton touch rules’, obtained a ticket to the final through a retrial. However, on the Tokyo Olympic website, the United States is not included in the 8 teams that advance to the final, which will be held from 9:35 pm on the 31st, so it is noteworthy how the final will proceed.

On the 31st, the American Athletics Federation requested a retrial on the grounds for disqualification of the mixed relay team. And the World Athletics Federation and the Tokyo Olympic Organizing Committee have accepted it.” Neither the American Athletics Federation, the World Federation nor the Olympic Organizing Committee explained in detail the review process and results. In addition, as of 10:20 am on the 31st, the United States was missing from the 8 teams that advanced to the ‘Mixed 1,600m’ finals displayed on the Tokyo Olympic website, but Germany (3:12.94), who placed 5th in Group 1 of the preliminary round, advanced to the finals. is included in

The list of teams advancing to the 1,600m mixed relay finals to be held at 9:35 pm on the 31st. (as of 10:30 am on the 31st). The United States, who passed the first place in Group 1 of the preliminary round, is not included, but Germany (9 lanes), who placed fifth in Group 1 of the preliminary round, is included. A screenshot from the Tokyo Olympics website.

The mixed 1600m relay debuted as an official event for the first time at the Tokyo Olympics. The United States was the first to cross the finish line in Group 1 of the preliminary round (3:11.39). However, the referee immediately ruled that it was ‘disqualified’. The reason was that when runner Elisa Godwin passed the baton to No. 2 Lina Irby, it was out of the ‘designated baton zone’. After the game, Abby cried, “I don’t know what happened.”

The American Athletics Federation immediately requested a retrial, and the organizers favored the United States. Foreign media, including the AP, said, “The Gyeonggi staff misunderstood the location (the baton touch section) to Abby. “We accepted the retrial of the American Federation because Abby’s position did not interfere with the other teams’ race.”

However, some are viewing it uncomfortable, saying that it is “breathed by the United States, an athletic powerhouse.” The mixed 1,600m relay is the first in the Olympics, but it has already made its debut at the 2019 World Championships in Doha, a major event. At that time, the United States set a new world record (3:09.34) and won the championship. ‘Mom Sprinter’ Allison Felix was the winning member at the time. Felix did not participate in the preliminary round of this tournament, but it is highly likely that he will participate in the final on the 31st. If the United States takes the podium in the mixed relay, Felix will win his 10th Olympic medal.

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