Dissecting 10 issues after the game! Manchester United defeated Liverpool 5-0 at home

The first match of the Red Devils ended at the “Red Devils” side, Manchester United was the home side, the “Reds” Liverpool defeated 5-0 in the English Premier League football match on Sunday night, October 24, 2021. We try to see. 10 important things that happened in this game

1. Different sharpness from the beginning of the gameFBL-ENG-PR-MAN UTD-LIVERPOOLFBL-ENG-PR-MAN UTD-LIVERPOOL / OLI SCARFF / GettyImages

A few moments after the start whistle at Old Trafford, it was Manchester United who were able to create a good chance first when Bruno Fernandes slipped into the box. Alisson Becker’s target, but returned to the edge of the frame without a win

Shortly thereafter, it became Liverpool who created some noticeable opportunities and became Naby Keita, having dropped a single into the score successfully.

It’s amazing to think that if Bruno was more resolute than that and ended such an opportunity as a goal for the Red Devils to lead first, then what would the game look like?

2. Student Football PressingMohamed Salah, Fred, Scott McTominayMohamed Salah, Fred, Scott McTominayManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s Red Devils created a surprise as if trying to please Red Devils fans in Old Trafford by ordering the team to squeeze the area from the top. But that turned out to be a terrible decision when the opponent was Liverpool under Jurgen Klopp.

Reds are known for playing heavy metal football. Pressing at a Duke level opponent This meant that on the training ground, they had to split up to practice squeezing space on each other without a doubt.

That’s why Klopp’s men were less inclined to the aimless pursuit of their players.

3. Disaster Shaw-MaguireNaby Keita, Harry Maguire, Luke ShawNaby Keita, Harry Maguire, Luke ShawManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

It is almost unbelievable that Harry Maguire has the status of the world’s most expensive defender at around £80million when he shows off every mistake imaginable for a player in such a high position. say

slow decision wrong position Communication with teammates is not good enough. The indecisive extraction Confidence of both self and teammates waning from repeated mistakes.

4. Keita ShowDiogo JotaDiogo JotaManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Naby Keita has been everything to Liverpool since the start of the game at Old Trafford.

The Guinea national team midfielder has shown his determination since chasing the ball to squeeze the opponent’s area. Open your head by decisively breaking the door open. He was involved in the opening moments that led to the 2-0 goal, followed by an assist as Salah finished 3-0.

Unfortunately, Keita was unable to complete the game when Paul Pogba was pushed in and injured and had to be substituted in the second half.


Mohamed Salah’s hat-trick has taken him to 15 goals and five assists in 12 appearances across all competitions this season. In addition, it is a continuous score of 10 consecutive matches.

In addition, those three goals became Salah’s 107th Premier League goal, making him the most goalscoring African player in the Premier League, surpassing Didier Drogba (104 goals). neat

That wasn’t enough, Salah’s hat-trick made him the first away player to score three goals at Old Trafford in 18 years since Ronaldo Nazario’s. Real Madrid did it in the UEFA Champions League 2003.

6. Door No. 5, nailed the lid of the coffin to close the comeback door.Manchester United v Liverpool - Premier LeagueManchester United v Liverpool – Premier LeagueManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Alex Livesey – Danehouse/GettyImages

The score that is 4-0 behind since before the end of the first half may seem very distant. But look at the world in a very optimistic way. A quick hit at least can turn into a game-changing point, combined with the cheers of Old Trafford supporters.

But the fans’ expectations were trampled on by Mo Salah’s hat-trick after just five minutes to kick-off the game.

7. Pogba on the bench for a red cardPaul pogbaPaul pogbaManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

Dropping Paul Pogba as a substitute is too difficult for us to understand as the France international recently proved himself important to his team-mates following his performance against Atalanta.

The shock result of the midweek comeback match came when he was substituted after half-time and was instrumental in passing the ball in midfield. Unlocking the potential of Bruno Fernandes and Cristiano Ronaldo from a viable ball.

But Solskjaer and Pogba put on the butt pad and sit on the bench continuously. And the score that was 4-0 behind since before the end of the first half was an attempt to push a mortar up the mountain to catch up.

In the end, Pogba was on the pitch for about 15 minutes after being substituted in place of Mason Greenwood, having received a direct red card in an attempt to get the ball back from Keita.

8. Solcha SubstitutionEdinson CavaniEdinson CavaniManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Alex Livesey – Danehouse/GettyImages

As the team were 5-0 behind and with 10 players left with about 30 minutes remaining, Solskjaer braved another surprise by removing his best creative player, Bruno. Off the field, like a high-speed forward in the forward line, Marcus Rashford.

We were expecting to bring in at least two of the attacking players to take back the score when on the bench they had Jesse Lingard, Donny van de Beek and Jadon Sancho, but it turned out. Diogo Dalot was given the opportunity to replace him.

Despite Edinson Cavani being one of the substitutes for the substitution, that hasn’t sparked any hope. Yes, when both he and Ronaldo are left isolated in the front from no one to put the ball.

9. The Defeat of the Red DevilsManchester United v Liverpool - Premier LeagueManchester United v Liverpool – Premier LeagueManchester United v Liverpool – Premier League / Michael Regan/GettyImages

The last time Liverpool scored five goals against Manchester United in the league was 85 years ago (Man Utd 2-5 Liverpool, 21 November 1936).

The defeat at Old Trafford, with the Reds five goals away from their opponents in a league game, was the latest in 2020 when they were beaten 1-6 by Spurs. The gold set is under the supervision of Jose Mourinho.

The last time the Red Devils lost 5-0 at home in a league game was 66 years ago. Manchester Derby vs Manchester City (February 1955)


As a result of this game, Solskjaer became the next favorite to be kicked out.

Many times the Norwegian Grandmaster was able to bounce the rope behind his back against the lid. Dodge the crisis of an imminent team. successfully escaped being slaughtered from the chair While their board has continued to believe in the club legend through countless opportunities.

But the defeat in the form of this game clearly confirms the gap between Manchester United and the top teams in the Premier League. The DNA of the Red Devils that Solskjaer used to boast has turned out to be Liverpool who seem to have Red’s DNA. Devils lose more

Not counting the management of the team as it is difficult to predict what will happen to Donny van de Beek or manage Jadon Sancho to become a dominant star until now.

Solskjaer’s loop could happen again when the team faces a crisis, with their next game against Spurs next Saturday. By then, a victory over Spurs could ease the situation a bit. But considering the performances throughout his time with the Red Devils, the boss Solskjaer has never shown the smarts of sitting at the reins of the team both tactically and as a team leader.

And we think that’s reason enough if the Red Devils part ways with the Norwegian.



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