Dissecting champion form & every interesting story ‘Toyota Thailand 2020’

Looks like a chick, No. 10 takes badminton fans to review the Toyota Thailand Open 2020 and discusses many dramas that have occurred. Before fighting World Tour Finals It’s a season finale show.

Hello! “Looks like chick” Column for badminton lovers Come back to meet the fans again in the 10th issue, of course, we are in the period of 3 world-class giants competition in the form of New Normal in Thailand. Until this week will be the last week in the program ” “HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2020” marks the closing of the 2020 season as well.

Today Teacher Jeabtanat Asawanopakas Deputy Secretary General of the Badminton Association of Thailand, Speaker and Badminton Guru of True Sport There are still many stories to show perspective Analysis for fans to follow each other continuously. After the end of the second program “Toyota Thailand Open 2020” went on the weekend.

Interesting issues include both basketball and pop-po won two World Tour 1000 titles in a row. Along with the hope of losing the championship of the season finale. In addition, May Rachnok, who missed the closing of the 4-point match with Tai Ziying, was unable to enter the final race. As well as many other interesting issues After that …. Let’s talk to the guru.

Q: Hello, Achan Jeab. The first question would be: Two items have passed. Feedback from athletes competing as well as international watchdogs How are you doing?

Teacher Jee: The global trend that feedbacks is still good. Everyone is ok From starting out from the accommodation Let’s meet the sunshine Began ordering food from the outside. But still have to pass the screening test anyway It makes athletes more relaxed. We also received praise from the International Olympic Committee and BWF. In organizing a very great competition under the epidemic situation like this The competition will be a model for many nations to use to organize competitions in difficult situations like this.

Q: Our men’s team has not been able to reach at least the quarter-finals, at least one person or one pair throughout the two competitions. How do you look here?

Teacher Jee: I must say This is a constant testament to the Thomas & Uber Cup, the SEA Games, so it’s worth noting that the women’s team is always successful. But the men’s team still didn’t get there. That indicates The male team also has to accelerate the development of new generation athletes who have replaced the older models that have been discontinued, such as “Man” Boonsak or “Two” Thanongsak, “A” Manipong & “Art” Bodin, who have entered Late career I have to admit that it still cannot be built in time. But we also started to see athletes like Kantaphon or Kunwut starting to develop themselves. It is likely that it may be a major force and will rise to the top in the future. The male couple we have seen such as “Tonnam” Nipitaphon and “Mark” Thanuphat can fight with the top 10 hands in the world have fun. very Even if you can’t go far But unfortunately eliminated Who cannot close the match both times As we said before the competition. That we didn’t expect much Look at it, let’s go for one appointment, one round, one round, already.

Q: But this competition Had informed the birth of “Supak Chom Koh” in the category of men, doubles and doubles, another person Would you like me to talk about Nong M?

Teacher Jee: Actually, I wasn’t born alone. In the mixed doubles category, M & Frame Supisara, we see that M is a badminton player who plays very hard when scoring. There is a trick that is lacking Until I made the nickname “M79” because of the really heavy hitting. There is also a lot of improvement in clearing the ball and playing in front of the net. The important part Is that the mind is very still in the competition The frame is developed from the female partner What you see is Younger play with world class But there is no fear of dignity, either Chae Yoo Jung, Lauren Smith, or BoE can fight very close. It was a very good birth notice. Classified as another match of hope of Thailand

Q: Many people regret “May Ratchanok” who got 4 match points with Tai Ziying in the semifinals. But can’t close the match for the competition?

Teacher Jee: I must say that Nong May also shows that he is still a Thai favorite. Still great But some days it may not play well. Still managed to survive in On the day I met Tai Ziying, I thought it was more of an accident to get 4 match points and not be able to close the game. But must admit that Dai Ziying is really tough And concentration is very good To look at it as an accident Top badminton players in the world There is a moment like this, everyone, for example, Marin himself used to lead Nong May in All England in 2017 until 18-11, but he was unable to close. Then too As for the physical condition As many people see May is easily tired and must admit that in terms of body Each athlete is not equal anyway. May also has a disease. But took the skill Various techniques to compensate for all sports, but people will have strengths. Some people stand out strong Some of them featured techniques. We have probably seen each other. No matter how much May is exhausted, he fights until the last moment.

Q: Would you like to mention the four champions in this competition that were all drawn from Yonex last week?

Teacher Jee: No one expected it. That would happen like this But if we look at each category, it must be said that 4 types are really good like a single man. I must say that If the stadium does not have Kento Momota, it will be Victor Azelsen who is always the favorite one, the women singles are the final of the same pair. Last week, Marin was perfect this minute. It makes sense, male counterpart.Unfortunately, Asan & Setiawan can’t get in because Asan hurts his ankle, causing him to be unable to stand in distance.That makes Li Yang & Wang Xilin’s consistent form coming up. Teng and go, Tu mix must say that when there are no two pairs, China Basketball & Popo is already the 1st favorite even though some days are not playing well. But I always say Qualifications of being a champion Must win on bad playing day as well And this is really his property. Some days don’t play well Able to survive in until the day of the race is like a full release

Q: Would you like to mention the five finals categories, both results and game format?

Teacher Jee: Ok

Female couple It was a meeting of South Korea. Which usually this pair will take turns, losing, alternating wins But I must say that today’s meeting, Kim So Young & Kong Hee Young have a better style of play, must be watched by Kim So Young who made a game in front of the net, causing Kong Hee Young to invade all the while. Lee So Hee & Shin Cheng Chan’s duo are heavy and speed, but net foreplay is second. Causing the game to be opened for the other pair to invade all the time and then lost

– male couple I must say that Li Yang & Wang Xi Lin had little luck passing through Indonesia. In the second round In the final round, I must say that the advantage is that Li Yang did better than Aron Shia in playing in front of the net, which Li Yang also had a back slap. From having a heavy child too, this part is not there, while Wang Xilin at this minute must be very confident in his own power. Therefore slapped as if playing like that This pair won’t flip the lock. As expected

Single women It was disappointing for Dai Ziying because he had a chance to wash his eyes with Marin but failed. Today’s Taipei Girl Bad luck in the first game That played very well already But a lot of the balls hit by themselves Especially the ball hitting the back line Quite a lot, save, pull, push Should be multiple points But it came out several times, causing the points to not move, while the second game, Tai Ziying seemed to have a ton and was a little bit offensive From the delay of Marin’s game, both served slowly, changing the ball, causing the rhythm to lose. So she tried to tell the referee, but didn’t tell them, causing her mood to go away. Disconnected early in the game To concentrate at the end of the game But it wasn’t really in time.

– single man This one has no problem. Above all There is nothing to beat for Whittinghus: older age, strength, technique, speed and intensity. It is the most absent competition today. Everyone thinks the same before the race, you can say that Witting Hus can be Azelsen’s training partner.

– Doubles Bass & Po have done their homework very well. It has a very good game plan. We know that we are second to the net game. We chose not to drop against him. Choose to push to the backcourt Then we are doing well More importantly, the minds of both of them remained silent during the extreme times. Especially the second game that hit Game Point But still not panicking and won I dare to say that Basketball has evolved into the hands of the world’s top doubles. From flying, getting slapped, etc., is a chemistry that fits perfectly with Popo

Q: Want you to talk about the drama, the missed decision of the important points paired between Hans Witting Hus and Lee Chukyew?

Teacher Jee: One more time Indeed, it happened a number of times with the referee’s miscalculation in front of the net, this was wrong, this happened with Human Errors, but it was a crucial point before the match point. And being in the quarter finals, it made Lichukyew especially frustrated because he himself tried to go so far. To collect points And hope for World Tour finals Here, I want BWF to adjust the rules to add replay projections. On the net front bar In the event that a player or a racket hits the net, give each player the right one time per 1 match to reduce the problem here, but you have to praise Lee Chuk Yuew who respect the judges’ decision Understand the game Was not that fierce And continue to compete This is a positive feature of an athlete who is sports-minded and adheres to the rules.

Q: This competition has worship instead of touching hands at the end of the competition. In conclusion, in the eyes of Achan Jib, who wages the most beautiful (Foreign only)

Teacher Jee: This one is good. Besides the dissemination of Thai culture in itself It is also an expression of respect that may be used forever. From avoiding exposure Now, if you ask who’s worshiping the most beautiful, I cut two of them, Grecia Polly and Tai Ziying, but in the end, I would like to choose Tai Ziying, haha.

Q: Overview of Thai athletes in the past 2 events Satisfactory of the Badminton Association How much?

Teacher Jee: The results of 2 championships and 1 runner-up are satisfactory, and I look at it like this from the long run. Everyone competes Call for readiness, call form, call back stroke Many of them have done satisfactorily, apart from Basketball & Popo, other award-winning Gift & View, Nong May Rachanok has done well throughout the two shows, while Kantaphon and Kulawut in Singles have good signs that Will continue to develop Many Thai athletes have the opportunity to play in a big event, either a rising star or a new wave. It’s a good experience How much money can’t buy with this kind of world-class collaboration

Q: Last item Are going to compete tomorrow (27 Jan ’64) with World Tour Finals, would you like to talk a little bit about the readiness and hope of Thai athletes?

Teacher Jee: It’s a shame for Viu Kulawut, who did not qualify as India’s Kidumbee Sikan can play. Despite having problems, having to detain May and Mew in the same group of women It is considered okay. Should have at least 1 finalist, Basketball & Pop is already one of the favorites. There is a chance to win three titles in a row, while Gift & View still has to be wary of South Korean and Indonesian gangs that day will do well. And how much to reduce wakefulness Only

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Q: Is there a chance to be a successor of all 4 championships in the World Tour Finals?

Teacher Jee: I think there is a chance that will happen for sure. The highest seems to be a single man. Followed by a single woman While male doubles are still 50 50

Q: Finally, have Achan Jib to invite badminton fans. To encourage athletes in the “World Tour Finals 2020”?

Teacher Jee: Would like to invite fans Let’s continue to encourage the athletes. Been together for the third week in a row There is also a full live broadcast from True Sport, 10 pairs a day, both courts support each other. Send a lot of heart. I believe that we will be able to see at least one Thai athlete to stand on the champion podium.

And here is a look at the 10th edition of the Toyota Thailand Open 2020 competition with interesting stories for fans to know again. For competition In the next issue It would be an overview of the World Tour Finals 2020 that will begin tomorrow, leave your audience, all fans, to encourage Thai athletes for today. Hello !!

Compiled by: NickyMAN (Nick Thee Thawat)

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