Dissemination of the perpetrators of the roundabout begins “I do not want indiscriminate disclosure”

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As the identity of the perpetrator of the so-called ‘Busan Round Kick’, who mercilessly attacked a woman on her way home, is revealed, the wave is growing.

A YouTuber revealed the name, face, occupation and criminal history of the criminal in detail through his channel.

Some point out that this is a private sanction outside the bounds of the law, but public opinion is growing that he sympathizes with the pain of the victim and advocates it.

Reporter Yuna Kim covered the story.

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A man who used indiscriminate violence against a woman on his way home.

He committed attempted murder by saying he looked bad on himself.

However, in a recent appeal trial, male DNA was found on the victim’s clothing, and charges of sexual assault were added.

The prosecution sought a sentence of 35 years in prison, but public anger grew because of the enthusiasm of the man who did not apologize.

A YouTuber posted online the name, date of birth, place of birth, and past criminal record as well as the picture of the accused.

[유튜브 ′카라큘라 탐정사무소′]

″Why did the judiciary apply the sentence to the law to rehabilitate OOO to whom until the crime of the previous 18 crime continues?″

The video had more than 5 million views within 3 days of its release, and more than 36,000 comments were posted.

Private sanctions are illegal, but there are many opinions online that support YouTubers.

In addition, SNS posts believed to be related to the accused were also released one after the other.

As the wave grew, the victim said he never asked the YouTuber to reveal him, and that he wanted legal disclosure, not indiscriminate disclosure.


“The biggest thing is that I want a lot of people to know about the legal disclosure process. As a precautionary measure, I hope there will be no more victims like me…″

However, there is still criticism that the criteria for revealing the identity of criminals are vague.


“It’s a part where a crime of revenge is expected, and even now all my identity has been stolen, and it’s just a very obvious end (revenge) for that person (the criminal)… ″

Experts point out that if measures to prevent retaliatory crimes remain insufficient, private sanctions beyond the law will increase, and we must hurry to prepare measures to protect real victims.

This is Yuna Kim from MBC News.

Video comment: Lee Seong-wook/Busan


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