Distinguished with a panoramic tempered glass side panel… Seorin C&I ‘Hite Y40’

Seorin C&I (CEO Jeon Deok-gyu) released ‘Y40’, a new PC case from HYTE.

Hite is iBUYPOWER’s own brand, which has a long history of distribution in North America. Hite has introduced a variety of PC hardware, and Hite Y40 is the successor to the previously released Y60 series. The B40 complements and improves a lot on the B60, and comes in the same three colors as the previous model: black, white and red.

The biggest feature of the Y40 is the panoramic type tempered glass side panel that seems to seamlessly connect the front and the side. The exterior of the Y40, which gives a feeling of being connected as one by not placing pillars or supports in the corners, has a high sense of openness and enhances the internal effect of the system because the outside is not in looks distorted from certain angles.

And with its unique three-dimensional effect, there is little awkwardness in composition or inconvenience in use regardless of where the system is placed on the left or right. The side tempered glass panels, which are installed with a push-pin method, can be removed without tools, allowing easy access to the internal hardware that is part of the system.

Hite Y40 comes with a dedicated charging cable that supports the PCIe 4.0 interface. A separate housing that matches the Y40 color is applied to the slot directly connected to the main board to add a sense of unity to the system, and the card connection slot graphics completely buried at the bottom of the case to minimize exposure. This buried structure does not expose the graphics card slot, so a neat PC environment can be created.

The Y40 is designed for the best possible airflow configuration, and stripe pattern air vents that shape airflow are applied to the side and top. This gives a detailed look to the exterior and helps create smooth airflow inside the system using two 120mm FDB type cooling fans provided as standard on the bottom and rear.

The main board can be equipped with ATX standard products from mini-ITX, and the power supply is compatible with ATX standard products. Graphics cards can be installed up to products with a maximum length of 422mm and a maximum thickness of 94mm, and a universal mount is provided that can install one 3.5-inch storage or two 2.5-inch storage.

The radiator for the CPU water cooler is compatible with up to 360mm on top of the case and up to 280mm on the side. The tower type CPU air cooler can be installed with a maximum height of 183mm.

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