[Distributing for free]Earth invasion TD shooter “Xmorph: Defense Complete Edition” with all DLC until 11:00 pm on December 29th at GOG | Game * Spark

A strategy shooter developed by EXOR Studios known for “Zombie Driver” and “Liftbreaker” on the DRM-free PC game sales platform Defense Complete EditionFree distribution has started for a limited time until 11:00 pm on December 29, Japan time.

This game is a single / local cooperative play compatible work for up to 2 players, which is developed from a top-down perspective.

As an alien invading the earth, the player will respond in a wave invasion format with the human army from tanks to giant robots in various cities and countries. In addition to installing and upgrading general interception equipment in tower defense works, one of the features of this work is that the player can drive a fighter himself and attack.

Trailer for domestic PS4

In addition to the main game, the “Complete Edition” that will be distributed will include “Additional download content”.European Assault」「Survival Of The Fittest」「Last Bastion“, And the song”soundtrack]Is recorded.

To get it, log in to and press the “Yes, and claim the game” button on the banner of this work on the top page, or from the “Recent” or “Store” item of the GOG launcher “GALAXY”. , Can be added to the library.

Currently, is holding a Winter Sale for more than 3,500 titles until 11:00 pm on January 5, 2022 Japan time. One more free work will be distributed during the sale period.

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