Distributors, ‘huge laughs’ at the World Cup special

<2022 카타르월드컵 대한민국과 우루과이의 조별예선 첫 경기일인 24일 거리응원에 나선 시민들이 서울 광화문광장에서 응원전을 펼치고 있다.>

The distribution industry enjoyed the ‘World Cup Special’ which returned after 4 years. The industry plans to continue its upward trend by introducing various promotions and events during the remainder of the World Cup.

According to the industry, the convenience store and chicken industry saw a significant increase in sales due to the influence of the Korean national team football match held on the 24th.

Convenience stores saw a significant increase in sales of alcoholic beverages and snacks as the number of ‘homes’ watching the World Cup at home increased. On the 24th, GS25 sales increased by 19.5% compared to the same period last week. Beer increased the most with 186.4%, followed by chicken with 146.9%, side dishes with 125.0%, and frozen convenience foods with 113.7%. During the same period, 7-Eleven also saw a 20% increase in sales on the previous day. Instant chicken sales increased by 150% compared to the previous week, and sales of alcoholic and snack products such as snacks (100%) and beer (200%) were notable.

In particular, sales increased after 5 pm before the game. Looking at the GS25 sales composition by time zone, the sales composition between 17:00 and 24:00 the previous day was 51.4%, up 6.3% p from the same period last week. During the same period, delivery and collection performance also increased by 158.9%, with delivery and collection beer sales increasing 11 times and chicken sales more than 6 times.

The demand for large-scale street cheering also came to convenience stores. According to CU, beer sales at shops near Gwanghwamun and City Hall Plaza, where street cheering was held the previous day, increased more than 10 times compared to the same period last week. In the cold weather, sales of hot packs and winter products increased 16 and 11 times, respectively, and sales of coffee and soy milk, which are drinks in the hot box, more than doubled compared to the previous week.

Home shopping also benefited from an increase in broadcast sales before and after the World Cup. According to Siop GS, sales from 7:00 pm the previous day to 1:00 am this day increased by 58.1% compared to the same period last week. Match-time broadcasts accounted for only 75% of the target amount, but pre- and post-match broadcasts recorded sales that exceeded target. A home shopping official said, “It is analyzed that sales have increased as the population watching TV to watch the World Cup match has increased.”

The chicken industry also saw a vertical increase in chain store sales. The previous day, sales of Kyochon Chicken, BBQ, and bhc franchises increased by 140%, 170%, and 200%, respectively, compared to the same period last month. It is explained that the growth rate is higher than that of the 2018 World Cup, as well as when new products or large-scale promotions were launched.

The number of uses of its own applications (apps) has also increased. As the main delivery platform application went down the day before, orders were flocked to their app. In the case of Kyochon Chicken, the server was down due to the heavy traffic, and BBQ also had over 10,000 concurrent users, causing the system to slow down for a while. Each company plans to improve its app server over the weekend.

The distribution industry is busy preparing to enjoy special benefits during the remaining World Cup period. E-Mart 24 is offering half-price discounts on eight foods with pictures of national team players on the 28th and 3rd of next month, the game day of the Korean national team. CU is also offering a 1-for-1 event for side dishes and a 3,000 discount on chicken right on match day.

Reporter Min Kyung-hagi [email protected]

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