Divine level!! Haaland scores the 4th fastest hat-trick in the English league

Erling Haaland striker City of Man He scored the fourth fastest hat-trick in the English League, having played only 19 games.

Born to shoot really Erling Haaland The talented striker of Manchester City When referred to as a player who has scored a hat-trick 4 times as quickly as possible in the English Football League after conceding only 3 goals in the game, “The Blues” opened their home to attack Wolverhampton 3-0 on Sunday, January 22, the past

That game, Man City did a great job chasing the “Wolves” army comfortably, but the point was only 5 points away from Arsenal. Also play more than one game because “Cannon” can open the nest to win Manchester United 3-2 on the same day

However, in this game, there are new stats again. None other than Haaland scored the hat-trick. Take the team to win three points without difficulty, this hat-trick is the 4th time for the Norwegian striker. Since moving to football in the Premier League last summer

Haaland scored his fourth hat-trick in just 19 games, making him the fastest player in English league history thanks to Ruud van Niste. Former Manchester United striker Lroy, who held the previous record, took 65 appearances before scoring four hat-tricks. trick

The 5 best players in the English league who scored a hat-trick 4 times as fast as possible

1. Erling Haaland (19 games)
2. Ruud van Nistelrooy (65 games)
3. Luis Suarez (81 games)
4. Alan Shearer (86 games)
5. Robbie Fowler (89 games)

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