DJ Dada and Jason, Korean boy fan Tell the moment, propose a happy marriage I do not get stuck even though I have had children.

DJ Dada and Jason on his South Korean husband The younger generation is 7 years apart, open to the path of love. Ready to tell the moment to propose a happy marriage The man is not stuck, even if he has been married and has children.

Love, the most happy latest (3 May 2021) DJ Dada and Jason, South Korean boyfriend. Come to open your heart on the path of love for more than 2 years and reveal a surprise proposal moment. And solve the question that Married, will you leave the industry at all? In the talk show SHOW with Peggy Srithanya and PK Piyawat as the MC

How did you get to know Jason?

Dada: To begin with, he is here for a meeting. Then our friend asks if we have any connection that is enough for his company or not. When we get to know us, we recommend it to him. It was a start, more like a colleague before. When he came to Thailand, we asked. Led him to avoid rice as known After that, he learned that he was Korean. When we travel to Korea We will ask him if he is or not. Asked if I really started to know when I had a heart for him, it was the beginning. It was more gradual. It comes from companionship before it evolves. It is not love at first sight. When meeting for the first time, he felt that he was high. Because we like tall men because we are short

With Dada, was it love at first sight?

Jason: Not at all, I’ve had a love with a distance before. Then it doesn’t work But when I met Dada And saw the determination of Dada that when I went to Korea immediately, I had to call Find me, when I come to Thailand, he takes care of it. It’s always like buying your heart.

DJ Dada and Jason

Dada: Was before that as a friend And we go to Korea often Go shopping or go out with friends, we’ll call. Find him, after seeing each other a lot, he’ll start to greet Good Morning. We felt that he was getting closer to us. We started to realize that he was starting to flirt with us. After that, we started asking ourselves if we were dating, are we dating yet?

Jason: At first, I didn’t ask him to be the one who asked me to be my girlfriend. I told him I wanted to be a fan on the Internet first. Because there is a distance Which I don’t know if it works or not

What made them both fans?

Dada: In the beginning, Dada didn’t expect it at all. As we were busy, we needed someone to play with, so we asked him to play with him if he was a boyfriend or not. After starting to agree to become a girlfriend He said before that long distance love doesn’t work. Da said it’s okay, we try to go to Korea once a month. And I would like him to come to Thailand once a month and we have always acted like that.

Before the COVID-19 had to travel to Thailand and Korea at least 30 times.

Dada: Before, on Friday evening, 3 afternoon, I will go to the airport. We fly to Korea because we are only free on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and then I will return on Sunday and return to Thailand at 4 am, we love long distance, we have to do that. That is, Da to Korea is very normal, after all, I do not invite friends to go alone. The schedule is that we will meet once a month. Then Da will book in advance. Friday will arrive at the airport at 3 pm and arrive in Korea at 11:00 pm, he will pick you up at the airport. As for the day back, we will choose the last flight, Sunday at midnight, it will arrive at 4am of our house like him to Thailand. Midnight after the show has finished unfolding Da will drive to the airport to pick him up. Is always like this

DJ Dada and Jason

Have you ever heard of Dada before dating?

Jason: Well, I met at first, Dada was the one who told him first. Been married and divorced Have children, okay? Which I told him okay

Dada: That is, we are dating, he must know that we have been married. I have a baby, is he okay? I say that because we feel like it’s a waste of time, we grow up and sit and sit together, it’s a waste of time. Well, we have a requirement like this, is he okay? If he is not okay so that he does not have to date.

10 months ago, was infected with COVID, unable to meet each other. How do you feel

Jason: Also have video calls And message to each other every day I asked if I could stay, but I missed him a lot.

3 months in a relationship, Dada takes him to her mother.

Dada: (Laughs) is always quick, ie Da and her mother are always close. When someone flirts with Who are we dating? Mother always knows our story. We never had a secret with mom. So we saw that it was not a big deal to take him to eat with his mother. Which usually Sunday is the day we have to go to eat with mom So we took Mom and Jason to eat together because we didn’t want to choose who we had to eat with. When he is going to meet our mother He was so excited, he was shocked, but we convinced him that his mother raised us like a friend. Was considered to have met a friend already Is before going, aside from telling Jason We also told Mom that it would be enough to find Jason. Our mother was happy. He said it was okay.

Jason: Meet for the first time Dada’s mother is very cute. After unlocking I left all my work over there. Then went to apply for a visa to fly to Thailand Because he felt that she could not be without this woman

How do we feel he did this?

Dada: That day, we talked to each other and he told us that he had decided that he could not stay if he had to be separated like this. In the past, I had talked about whether we would move to Korea or not. But we think it’s difficult because we have jobs right here. So we asked him that Yoo moved here, it was more convenient, he said that if he moved, he had to leave his business there. Which we said is fine Let’s get started here. Can come and do business together When he decided to come to Thailand We also researched that when we came to Thailand when What should I do in Thailand?

They stayed in Thailand together for just one month, and Jason decided to propose to Dada. What was the atmosphere of proposing that day?

Jason: It was a nice day with no mosquitoes. At first, I would propose to Dada for my birthday, but the location is not favorable. Then that day is 5th December, it is a very special day, we have dinner together at Lebua. At Gaysorn Tower I told Dada I asked to go to the bathroom, but I actually ran up to fetch the ring to the room. Which the ring I told my friend to send from America Then gave a camera for the staff there to take a clip

Dada: At that time we were shocked. We never thought that he came to Thailand with a ring prepared to propose to us. Well, he just came and said that he always carried in his bag. Until the day he knelt But when we find such a surprise We cried so hard that he was shocked. So he cried along. Until the clerk asked if Seiyes was ok We said that Sayyes

DJ Dada and Jason

DJ Dada and Jason

How long have you been carrying a ring in your pocket?

Jason: Waen has been acquired for 3 months before coming to Thailand. Well, if I didn’t think of getting married, I wouldn’t have moved here.

I only met for 2 years, do you think it’s too early to propose?

Dada: For Da Nada that is not fast. Because Da is a straight person, because in the early years we tried to be ourselves as best as possible. That is, if he can accept us, it is considered OK. And he is very cute He cares Well-being that we are doing

This moment has happened before. Do you think it will happen to us again?

Dada: Never, in fact, when Da decided to break up with her ex-husband. We never focus on love. Because we have poured love to work and children, but I used to think that if love comes, I will try to be myself as much as possible. If he understands and is happy We are happy

Have a new boyfriend, what do you say?

Dada: Nong Dean gets along very well with Jason. But in the first year of dating, Dean has not met yet, but in the next 1 year, Dean will start to meet. Begin for Dean to get to know the first to ask who is his mother’s girlfriend. Nong Dean will tell him that A Ong is his mother’s girlfriend. He would tell Jason. When I first introduced this is this is my mother’s friend. But now Dean is more addicted to Jason than Da. Because he meets each other almost every day He can bring Dean to bed. Teach Nong Dean to Swimming Dean can swim today because of Jason.

How Jason won Dean’s heart

Jason: I am a person who loves children. And can live with children And when I returned from America to new Korea, I used to be an English teacher. The most important children were Dean.

DJ Dada and Jason

When will you actually dress up?

Dada: I think it is necessary to dress in Korea too. And dressed in Thailand too But still don’t know when That is, after he proposes to marry, we have to go back to Jason’s father first. But we haven’t seen his father yet because COVID waits when we can fly. That is, the event in Korea will be a small event, in Thailand there will be a small event and invite only real friends.

Jason: Anyway for me. Just ask me to have Dada over there.

If you are married, will you leave your job in the entertainment industry?

Dada: If it is within 7 years, not yet Because moving the country is a very big deal Is that now we are still happy with this But had previously talked about that if they were getting old, they might move to Korea

Heard that Jason cooked food for Dada to eat, too?

Dada: Yes, since he moved to Thailand And then we watch the Korean series, it will be crazy for Korean food. We will tell him that he wants to eat this dish. If any menu, he can The next day, he would go buy ingredients and make us eat. In the morning he will cook a box for us. It is Korean food

Age is 7 years apart, is there any age problem?

Dada: No, he will be very mature While we will be deceitful Have a tall boy Da, so I thought that there was a balaziness. It’s ok, no problem

Will there be a younger sister after the wedding?

Dada: Talked to each other because Jason wanted a daughter But Da told him that the pregnancy was very tiring. Just wait and see, because now we are a lot of age.

DJ Dada and Jason

Jason: Of course, because I want to have a daughter. But think again how it is

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