DJ Man is indispensable to meet his daughter and wife Detention of COVID-19 must be detained – post today entertainment news

DJ Man is indispensable to meet his daughter and wife Must be detained for surveillance of COVID-19

January 22, 2021 at 4:30 p.m.

DJ Man is indispensable to meet his daughter and wife Nong Magic & Pandan Cancel surveillance work for COVID-19

This made the father and baby DJ Man Phatthanaphon miss her son Wittamon and his wife Baitoey RSiam a lot. After working with DJ Bael Techin infected with COVID-19. Causing him to be tested and quarantined for 14 days to prevent the spread

Recently, DJ Man has canceled all events and revealed the results to fans. And will return to check again once the due date State the message that ….

“From hearing the news of DJ, Bael is infected with COVID-19. Yesterday I am also a risk taker and get close to Bael. Since the 18th day, I went to shoot with Bael. And just heard yesterday’s news from the list of calls to notify And Bael called to let me know

Personally, I have been detained since last night. Ie separately sleep with his wife and children Now my daughter is the most important. And this morning I also rushed to check and the results were negative, but for the utmost safety for those around me From now on, I will be quarantined for another 10 days until February 1 and will go to test again and again to ensure I have to cancel and apologize for the queues. Pre-appointed

It is an encouragement for Bael. I would like to get well from COVID-19 quickly and I would like all people to take care of their health. This is the best at home Now, Father Man’s heart is broken. I did not see my face, embracing the magic for 10 days, all protection monks # Scroll to see more pictures “

Note: After seeing Bael on the 18th, after that, my Timeline on the 19th was filmed for another program. For friends How did you go to film the program with me on the 19th? Do not worry, now the result is negative, but I would like to inform everyone to be careful. Because of the culture and will show symptoms, it needs about 10-14 days. Get well soon. Bael fighting. “

In addition, DJ Man posted a picture of Nong Wetmon and his young wife Bai Toey R Siam with the caption, “I miss you, I want to smell my father’s meatballs, haha.”


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