“DJ Ton” broke the news that he was infected with COVID-19, the 2nd round of the highlight was stuck on the birthday of “Mai Sukonthawa”

“DJ Ton” broke the news that he was addicted to COVID-19, the 2nd round of the highlight was stuck on his birthday, “Mai Sukonthawa” was surprised that the bear costume was cancelled.

It is called coming back to the epidemic again. for the spread of COVID-19 Recently, DJ Ton Sorapong Jitsoonthorn, the husband of actress Mai Sukontawa Kerdnimit, posted an announcement that she is infected with round 2 of COVID-19 through her private facebook account And the top is over- the woman’s year. Causing surprise, the bear suit had to be cancelled, stating that

“Tested at 8 am As usual, examined by officers from the Disease Control Division, the results came out normal. Entered the filming program as usual, checked at 13.00, the result came out normal, ATK checked.
At the same time check the maid ATK, the maid stuck Alright!! To everyone who goes to the hospital for an RT-PCR test, now the results show that I am addicted to COVID.

* The peak is on the wife’s birthday. Surprise bear costume cancelled. A gift with an ordered cake The woman was the one who went down to receive a Flight to Surat Thani tomorrow that had been cancelled. Shuttle van cancelled. Notice of cancellation of all meetings

** Filming department Send the children to look after them. I’m worried about my kids and my wife, but I’ve checked PT-PCR and it’s normal #Round 2 #COVID #I apologize to everyone.

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