“DJ Ton Hom”, don’t mess with Bird, watermelon fan. Move on. You are not wrong.

The incident happened when a page came out to post that Bird Technique Love of the late actor Watermelon Nida move forward andget a new loveThen, they also carried each other up to the room and took them on a trip to Pattaya, even though they had recently tattooed a watermelon face on their chest. Recently (September 19, 2022), DJ Tonhom Sakuntala posted a message for this case. that “Don’t mess with Mr. Bird. Watermelon is no more. Mr. Bird is not a star, not everyone wants to be in the spotlight. Stop making news that interrupts his personal life. He should lose be over!!!! #Move on can’t be fast “wrong!”

Called to face drama that affects feelings again about Bird Technique Love of the deceased former heroine.Watermelon Nida After a stream of fake news or fake news is spread around the world online in the same way. There is news at the beginning.new love? pa Technic Adar when this news was heard used space on Instagram stories @stonerbkk Post a statement explaining the facts. Before leaving a short question Sent directly to the page that also released this news, use your brain or hit the heel x think !! “What page? Tell me we have a new girlfriend. It took his brain or the heel of his feet to think. I can’t think of anyone talking to me again. Try to be with friends every day If you don’t have friends, you’re on your own yourself.”

Although “Tang Phongsakorn” also appears in the “Bird Technic” comment about this issue as well, “There are many harmful comments on page XXX. If P’ Byrd brings up the story Well, there is no you have to sell shirts to be rich. Two hundred thousand each comfortably. Any comments, count the money in your pocket too.”

On the side of Poodle Yupadee, a famous famous manager and melon’s best friend also said that already cheering for Byrd I don’t want to draw attention to who he is going to be a fan of. Or do you have a new girlfriend? I can’t decide what to do with it. But he is a very private person. really likes to be with friends So I think I shouldn’t get a new boyfriend.

By now, P’ Bird does not want to accept any jobs. He does not want to be a public person. My boyfriend is dead, let’s make myself famous. don’t want to be like that Also, he can’t move on. because he loves it so much Post a picture of a watermelon every day. Send them to them to see if they miss them. If they could wait, they would go on a trip together. We always support him.

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