“DJ Ton Hom” wants to hit his own hand Accidentally clicked on a link to suck money from Crooks Hurry up to see the account immediately.

lost my mind For female DJs full of humor Candlepairoj Tonhom-Sakuntala When an sms is sent, press to receive a free flight ticket. Ready to click on the attached link. But he came to realize that it was definitely a gang of thieves when he accidentally clicked the link for a while.

by DJ Tonhom wrote a caption saying “This is really true. The bastard is quick enough to see that he is free. The hand accidentally clicked on the link. Waiting for the link to open my brain, I process very quickly that moneysuckers like to click on the link. I press Stop to load the link. (The link has not opened yet. I don’t know if my brain thinks fast or the Internet is bad) then my exciting habits are afraid of losing a lot of money. Hurry to enter the app. to check the balance…” ”

“Screaming! Who!!! Big surprise, the money wasn’t sucked in. but the amount of money If you get sucked in, you feel sorry for the thief…..but Lion Air gives tickets for free, is that true? This is so I can go to the acceptance press, haha ​​#Creditors don’t come asking for money in here. I’m going to sue @boy_pisanu’s lawyer @ djdada”

then DJ Tonhom post a message “Now nerves to eat Check the balance every 5 minutes, 555” and also add a caption. “I want to hit my own hand!!! Apart from the money in the account, what can they take from us? Credit card or access to our email? Do you know your iCloud password?”

which is later DJ Tonhom also posted a picture of himself again and ends with a big sentence saying “Looking at stick eyes I wonder if he will suck my money or not. There’s more than a thousand baht #Look at my neck. Haha.

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