Djokovic breaks silence-acknowledges “misjudgment” over corona infection-Bloomberg

Serbian Novak Djokovic, who is aiming to play in the Australian Open tennis, admitted on the 12th that he responded to a newspaper interview and photo shoot, knowing that he was infected with the new coronavirus. He explained that the inaccurate information contained in the immigration documents for Australia was due to “human error.”

“I would like to address the ongoing misinformation about my actions and attendance at the event last December, especially to alleviate the growing concerns about my presence in Australia,” he said on Instagram. “WhenPost.

He participated in a basketball game in Belgrade on the 14th of last month, but two days later he was given a rapid antigen test because several participants were found to be positive for the new corona test. The result was negative, but he revealed that he had also undergone a PCR test “just in case.”

Djokovic practicing in Melbourne, Australia (January 11)

The next day, after attending a tennis event that awards children, he was informed that his PCR test was positive. Still, on the 18th of the same month, he responded to an interview and a photo shoot in a French newspaper. “In retrospect, I admit that this was a misjudgment and I should have readjusted the promised dates,” Djokovic said.

In addition, a document submitted to the Australian authorities stated that he had not traveled in the two weeks before entering the country, but a post on social media stated that he participated in events in Serbia and Spain during this period. The player explained that the support team had submitted the documents and the agent “sincerely apologized for the clerical mistake.” “This is a human error, not intentional,” he added.

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