Djokovic revealed that he is not coming to Serbia after winning the title – news

The best tennis player in the world, Novak Djokovic, revealed part of his plans after winning the 22nd Grand Slam title.

– I haven’t gone through all the messages yet, neither on social networks, nor my personal ones. I heard from my wife and children and the most important people, with whom it was important for me to do this. I started going through the congratulations, and it’s hard for me to single out one or two or three because that would be ungrateful to all the people who congratulated me. A lot of people congratulated me, I need to see everything. I am honored and very grateful, because somehow one does not know how far his influence reaches and I am glad that my colleagues from other sports follow and provide support – said Đoković and added:

– Honestly, there was no particular thought. Before the final, it was harder for me to fall asleep because there are a lot of thoughts and different scenarios, and last night a transition to another dimension happened in a second – he laughed from the bottom of his heart.

He said that there will be no classic celebration.

– According to what I know, there won’t be a classic celebration, in the sense of organizing a reception. There were receptions more than once and I really think that’s enough now. Every title is special, especially in this part of my career, but I really don’t know if my parents planned to organize something because they are unpredictable, they always surprise me. But I would like to take this opportunity to thank our people who came yesterday in huge numbers and were outside the stadium. There were a lot of people in the stadium, but also outside it.

I only realized later when I saw the recordings, how many there were and I would like to apologize because I did not manage to pay attention to them, sign, take a picture. I know there were a lot of kids who came, expecting to get a signature, and I’m sorry I didn’t get them all. I apologize. Definitely after those scenes of yesterday, I decided that I have never had more support. On their wings of support I was able to win this trophy.

He underlined once again how significant the trophy he won is, he writes Avaz.

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