Djokovic wins, “Thanks for court decision… Focused on the Australian Open

As soon as Novak Djokovic (Serbia), the world No. 1 tennis player in men’s singles, won the lawsuit and became ‘free’, he ran to the stadium where the Australian Open was held.

On the 10th, Djokovic posted a picture taken at Melbourne Park, the venue for the Australian Open tennis tournament, on his social networking service (SNS) account on the 10th, saying, “I am delighted and grateful for the court ruling that invalidated my visa cancellation.”

Djokovic, who arrived in Australia on the 5th to participate in the Australian Open opening in Melbourne, Australia on the 17th, was detained in a hotel in Melbourne, Australia until the morning of the 10th after the federal government denied entry and canceled his visa.

Djokovic, who had not been vaccinated against COVID-19, went to Australia after receiving a vaccination waiver from the Victorian government and the Australian Open tennis tournament organizing committee, but the federal government denied Djokovic’s entry because of lack of necessary documents.

Djokovic, who took legal action against the federal government’s visa cancellation measures, won a court case on the 10th, allowing him to stay in Australia for the time being.

“Despite what has happened over the past week, I will stay here and try my best to play at the Australian Open,” Djokovic said after the verdict. “I will focus on preparing for the Australian Open,” he said.

He added, “I can’t say more at this point, but I’m grateful to the fans who support me so that I can always have a strong heart.”

If the court had favored the federal government, Djokovic would have to be deported immediately and returned to his home country. However, the victory allowed them to prepare for the Australian Open.

Djokovic’s path to the Australian Open is not entirely open. The Australian government has said that it is considering revoking the visa at the Immigration Minister’s authority, despite the outcome of the trial.

Djokovic’s younger brother, Jorge Djokovic, said at a press conference in Belgrade, Serbia after the Australian court’s ruling, “Now that Novak is free. He just went to the tennis court to practice.”

“Nowak went there to set another record. He is one of the best tennis players in the world.” “My family is rejoicing that justice has triumphed.”

Djokovic’s mother, Dyana, who attended the press conference together, emphasized, “Today’s victory is a bigger victory than Djokovic’s victory in the majors.”

Djokovic has won nine singles titles at the Australian Open, and from 2019 to last year achieved three straight titles.

Djokovic, who has won the majors 20 times, holds the record for the most men’s singles wins at majors along with Rafael Nadal (Spain, 6th) and Roger Federer (Switzerland, 16th).



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