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DL E&C introduces a pilot delivery robot to D Tower next month… MOU with Graceful Brothers

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▲ On the 13th, Jae-Hyun Na and Yo-seop Kim, Head of Robot Business Dept., attended a business agreement ceremony held at DL E&C Dream House in Hannam-dong, Seoul. Ⓒ DL E&C

DL E&C and elegant brothers signed a business agreement to develop delivery robot technology and service model.

DL E&C announced on the 14th that it will start delivery service by introducing an elegant brothers delivery robot at D Tower Gwanghwamun as early as June. Through this, the two companies plan to verify the delivery robot technology and usability, and expand the scope of use to residential and commercial facilities.

D-Tower Gwanghwamun introduces a delivery robot’Deli Tower’ that can autonomously drive indoors and move between floors. In D Tower Gwanghwamun, if you place an order from a D Tower store company with a delivery app, a delivery robot delivers food and beverages.

First, starting with a cafe located in the basement, the participating businesses will be gradually expanded, and the entire D Tower will be built into a space where non-face-to-face delivery service is possible. Furthermore, based on this, it plans to expand the autonomous driving robot service to various residential and commercial spaces.

With this business agreement, DL E&C expects to secure a variety of data such as linkage technology and access routes between robots and gates and elevators in buildings.

Through this, DL E&C will develop a building design optimized for robot utilization and review various service models.

“With the development of autonomous driving technology, service robots will be rapidly introduced into residential, commercial and work spaces,” said Na Jae-hyun, head of the engineering department of DL E&C’s housing division. “We will spur service development.”

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“Robot delivery service will increase customer convenience and create new delivery demands in the era of untact,” said Yoseob Kim, head of the elegant brothers’ robot business division. I promised.”



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