DNA test in murder case after 9 years; Collecting blood samples from children – Anad’s murder case Manorama News blood test

Thiruvananthapuram – Blood samples of Sunitha’s children have been collected for DNA testing, which is an important scientific evidence in the burning case of Sunitha, a native of Anad Venkawila Vettampally. This is to confirm if Sunita was killed. The blood samples of Sunitha’s sons and vital witnesses in the case, Jomol and Jeenamol, were taken by Thiruvananthapuram General Hospital Assistant Surgeon, Dr. Johnny. S. It was collected by Perera in the court room. It has been sent to the Thiruvananthapuram Forensic Laboratory for examination.

DNA tests were not carried out after the remains were found. Sixth Additional District Sessions Judge K. Vishnu had directed the prosecution to conduct a DNA test to resolve this serious lapse on the part of the police.

The case is that accused Joy Antony burnt his third wife Sunitha on August 3, 2013 and cut her into three pieces and threw her in the septic tank to get her fourth marriage. After two weeks, the remains of Sunita’s body were recovered from the septic tank of Joy Antony’s house under the guidance of the RDO. The Nedumangad CI at the time, who filed the charge sheet, did not present any scientific evidence in the court to establish that Sunitha was the one killed.

Convinced that in the absence of scientific proof, the defense argument that ‘Sunita is still alive’ would win, the government counsel asked the court to allow the remains to be kept in a forensic laboratory and tested for see if they match Sunita’s DNA. children.

Although the defendant strongly objected to this, the court ordered the inspection. Clarence Miranda appearing for the accused and M. Salahuddin appearing for the prosecution.

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