Do Kyungsoo’s new drama “Real Victory” shows a unique sense of dynamism, from inventiveness to action scenes, grabbing the audience’s attention! _Transliteration_Bad_Drugs

Original title: Do Kyungsoo’s new drama “Real Victory” shows a unique sense of activity, from inventiveness to action scenes, grabbing the audience’s attention!

Screenshot from Do Kyungsoo “Bad Prosecutor” episode 5 broadcast.

Entertainment news Sohu Korea Do Kyungsoo (EXO member DO) in the new drama “Bad Prosecutor”, every episode brings a surprise to the drama.

Do Kyung-soo led the development of the drama with the role of “Jin Jung” (transliteration) as an unprecedented bad prosecutor in the KBS 2TV drama “Bad Prosecutor” which airs every Wednesday and Thursday, and was well received by viewers.

In the 5th episode aired, Jin Jung-jeong, who was hastily arrested as a suspect in the murder of Deputy Chief Prosecutor “Lee Jang-won” (transliteration), escaped from the interrogation room after receiving the meat offal soup beef with the hidden handcuffed key.” (Transliteration) After being injured in the conflict, the story of still obsessing over the incident and continuing to find the real killer has attracted people’s attention.

In particular, Jinzheng remembered the lecture of “Park Jae-kyung” (transliteration) and the advice of “Shin Yara” (transliteration) in the past, and decided to find the drug maker first, and capture the gang that escaped from’ the club on a bike, and also props used Realistic action was performed, successfully subdued, and made the audience feel encouraged.

However, the moment Jin-jeong handed over the drug purchase account book to Shin Yara, after being discovered by Oh Do-hwan and the detectives who were following her, he was attacked by a masked figure who suddenly appeared, and the end of the stabbed the abdomen with a knife The dramatic tension builds to a climax, fueling curiosity for the next episode.

In the process, Do Kyung-soo aims to punish the wrongdoers, not only the strategy of adapting and playing tricks, but also the action scenes of running, rolling, and flying on the roof, which are completed smooth with quick body movements. enthusiastic response. In this episode, the OST “Bite”, which he sang alone, appeared in the main scene, which increased the level of involvement in the plot and showed a unique vitality.

Showcasing the infinite charm of Do Kyungsoo, ‘Bad Prosecutor’ is a ‘Bad Prosecutor Action Search Drama’ that completely breaks down the forbidden area of ​​creating wealth and power, and the evil people who live in it, every Wednesday and Thursday at 8:50 pm (Beijing time) on KBS 2TV.Return to Sohu, see more


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