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Maky Sall’s closing speech on the first day of the opening of the national dialogue sufficiently proves that the man is far from making peace. He knows what he is doing and is only waiting for opportunities to give proof incongruous that do not hold water. While he is the one who stokes the fire with gasoline, an arsonist in perspective. Reading

Thus, in front of an audience of personalities who came to respond to his invitation, such as Khalifa Ababacar Sall, Idrissa Seck, Cheikh Bamba Dièye, Cheikh Tidiane Gadio, the great Serignes Dakar, civil society actors such as Moundiaye Cissé and men from rights like Babacar BA of the Forum du Justiciable among others, the President to make a firm voice that no one comes to ask him to fold his arms in the face of the desire to destabilize Senegal.

For the duration of the dialogue, President Macky Sall immediately let it be known that a very reasonable length of time is needed to hold this dialogue. “I also want the timeframes for dialogue to be reasonable timeframes. We must do everything to ensure that this dialogue is kept up to date this month of June, because the main thing is the results and recommendations that will come out of this dialogue”, indicated the Head of State who appointed Moustapha Niasse to represent him for the rest of the meetings along the lines of this dialogue.

Thus, addressing the question of what to come out of this dialogue, President Macky Sall to inform that “There are acts that will require laws and regulations, so we will have to have time to be able to materialize all this . It also does not say that we will agree on everything that will be said here, but at least on the essentials that will emerge from a consensus or a compromise”.

Addressing the news of recent days, President Macky Sall to denounce acts going in the direction of the “destabilize” of this country. And for this, he is categorical. “There is a new situation in our country where certain actors have chosen to destroy the Republic. It’s their choice! Faced with such a choice, my duty is to protect the Republic, whatever it may cost,” said President Macky Sall.

Returning to the breakages and arson attacks on other houses in recent days, which seems to be a trend, the Head of State makes it known that this cannot be acceptable. “We cannot accept in this country the threats made against judges on a daily basis. Judges who are called and who are threatened with death. Their homes are being sought to set them on fire. Houses are selected to set fire to them,” insisted President Macky Sall.

In addition, the President said he was “sure that after this dialogue some people will be tempted to go and look for the houses of one or another to set them on fire. This cannot be acceptable in a Republic and it will not be, it will not be,” the Head of State dwells on.

Speaking of the image of Senegal that people are working to tarnish, the President expressed his bitterness against “this cabal led against his country which is unjustly the subject of international criticism. We all follow what is happening. Orchestrated campaigns against the Republic, against the President of the Republic. Against the President, it does not matter, I know how to defend myself. I know how to fight”, clarified President Macky Sall.

He adds: “If we want to advance, let us also advance in the truth. As we speak this afternoon, an individual has been apprehended. He shot a young protester. He’s a civilian. He was not a policeman, nor a gendarme. Those who shoot and kill, you know very well that it is not our defense and security forces. They are the most republican forces known and recognized by the United Nations”.

Thus, Macky Sall wondered, for this purpose, in the face of harsh criticism of the FDS “what is the interest for the gendarmerie and the police to shoot at demonstrators? “The investigations will reveal things with those who were arrested with weapons, using the same calibers and who shoot so that after we say there are so many dead, in Senegal, it’s chaos, etc. . to think that on this basis we can bring the State to resign before its sovereign responsibility to ensure the security of citizens and their property, ”warned Macky Sall firmly.


By analyzing the words of President Macky Sall, it is clear that the rest is only a misleading speech dressed up to make the naive believe, especially those who for ulterior interests took part in this dialogue which, let’s face it , is an opportunity for the president to do some brainwashing. That Macky Sall who armed the militiamen, that Macky Sall who knows those who kill, to make believe that civilians are armed, it is delaying. Every day for the thief, one for the owner, the time will come.

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