‘Do not beat the rhythm while singing’; Revealed | Revealed | Vaikom Vijayalakshmi

Singer Vaikom Vijayalakshmi says that she decided to get a divorce when they could not move on with their lives together. Trying to keep his parents away from him and imposing restrictions on artistic pursuits were difficult things to endure. Vijayalakshmi told Manorama Online that the decision to divorce was taken by both the couples and they are not sad about the past now.

Vijayalakshmi’s words

‘We decided to separate because the two of us could not get along. Divorce is a decision we have made together. All I need as a singer is a calm mind. He came with me to events and put restrictions on everything. As a result, he was unable to attend any of the events peacefully. His main condition was that my father and mother should not cooperate with me.

My father and mother have been my support in this life as a member. They brought me here. I have no life without them. How can you tolerate being told not to cooperate with them? I had a cyst in the ovary that needed surgery. He said it was cancer and said it hurt. The cyst in the ovary is what most women have, and it went with the surgery.

There are so many things like this that not everything can be said openly. I could not hold the rhythm while singing and I could not clap my hands so I could not even pursue my artistic career independently. I could not cope with the constant swearing and getting angry. That is how the state of inseparability became vayya. It was decided to dissolve on May 30, 2019. By the time the court proceedings were completed in June this year, we were legally two-way. There is no sorrow for the past. There is peace in life now. My father, mother and I and music are my life. He realized that marriage was not necessary for a woman to live.



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