Do not believe this! Bum Panadda warned of being impersonated Point out that it’s not the victim because?

It is a famous person all over the country. Has a role as both a star and has a volunteer mind Everyone knows him very well. “Bum-Panadda Wongpudee” Whatever he did, it was well received. and extremely reliable until someone brought his name to impersonate many cases

latest Mae Bum posted on Instagram @boompanadda to warn netizens while being impersonated again. “I would like to announce that none of the Facebook users claiming the name of Dr. Panadda Wongpoodee are real except on the page. with followers 2 million only There are a lot of scams to invest and transfer money right now. Most of the admins are abroad, notified via Facebook, and they are not interested, refuse to turn it off, do not know if they are involved in crime or not. will not be able to report themselves because they are not the victims

The best way is not to let greed take over. nothing easy money and the dent itself does not transfer money into anyone’s personal account at all Please share and tell everyone.”

Asked if he pretended to be the name and not the victim. On this matter, Mae Bum clearly replied that ‘Just pretending. The law is very light. You have to let the troubled person transfer the money to report it in order to be a fraud.’


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