Do not compare.! Saka follows in Mbappe’s footsteps as a World Cup winner four years ago

Bukayo Saka, England winger Denied never entertained the idea of ​​becoming the next Kylian Mbappe after his outstanding World Cup performance.

Bukayo Saka, the talented wing of the teamEngland national team He came out to deny the news that he has been tipped as Kylian Mbappe, the next person to hit the big time at the World Cup. In which he said that he had never had this idea in his head at all.

Saka helped the Lions beat Senegal 3-0 to reach the quarter-finals before meeting Mbappe’s France, who beat Poland 3-1 on the same day. World Cup 2022

However, four years ago in Russia, the “chicken brand” army successfully won the world championship, where Mbappe, who was only 19 years old, was one of the main strengths of the team. Before winning the Best Young Player award after scoring 4 goals and becoming the second youngest player to score in the final

Asked if he felt he had the same path to success as Mbappe four years ago, Saka replied: “There is only one Mbappe. I’m the only one I want to be myself and help the team in the best way I can. There are many young players in the competition.

I can tell you all the names. even in our team With a young but amazing player like Jude Bellingham, I’m just happy for all of us here. do your best First and foremost is to be a champion. Not the player or star of the tournament. So, I don’t think like anyone in my head at all. I am me and this is the best.”

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