Do not go down to the floor with a tattoo; China bans national footballers

Chinese government bans Chinese football players from getting tattoos on their bodies. The government has issued a stern directive that players playing for the national team should not get tattoos.

To create a “good example for the community”, the General Administration of Sport of China (GAS) issued a directive banning athletes from getting tattooed on the field. The GAS’s statement, entitled “Recommendations for Improving the way football players are treated,” describes players’ disciplinary practices.

The proposal strictly prohibits players from the national team and the under-23 team from learning tattoos. The directive also says that if someone currently has a tattoo, it should be erased or covered with a full-sleeve jersey or bandage when playing.

At the same time, the directive says that when selecting under-20 level football players, those with tattoos on the body should not be taken.

GAS said in a statement that the move was aimed at setting a good example for the community by fully displaying the positive attitude of Chinese footballers.

The proposal says that national teams should organize activities that strengthen patriotic education for the emerging athletes in the country and aim to mold a team capable of representing the country more responsibly and proudly, playing better for the national team and fighting and winning.

However, this is not the first time that tattoos have been banned in China. In 2018, at a time when hip hop culture, subculture and immoral culture were being suppressed, Chinese media regulators ordered that tattooed actors not be featured in the media.

China still has restrictions on the display of tattooed images on TV. They can only be shown or shown on TV after they have faded.

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