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Do not implement 5G in India; Actress Juhi Chawla with petition

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New Delhi: Bollywood star Juhi Chawla has approached the court against the implementation of fifth generation (5G) telecom services in the country. They are working to create awareness against radio frequency radiation and have filed a petition in the Delhi High Court against the implementation of 5G. The petition states that it is not against technology but it is important to address environmental issues. The petition states that 5G technology is dangerous and detrimental to the health and safety of the people and there is good reason to believe so.

“We are not opposed to advances in technology. We use the latest products offered by technology, including wireless communication systems. There is good reason. ” – Juhi Chawla said.

A spokesman for Juhi Chawla said in a statement that the petitioner had asked the concerned department to certify that 5G technology was safe for humans, animals and birds. The petition also states that a study is required on the implementation of this. Their spokesperson also demanded that effective studies be conducted if no studies have been conducted in this regard.

Justice c. Harishankar’s bench considered the issue today. However, Justice C.S. Harishankar, it was left to another bench of the Delhi High Court. The case is set to return to court on June 2.

5G is the latest service in mobile broadband networks. 5G operates in three major bands, low, mid and high frequency, all of which have their own uses and limitations. India had planned to launch 5G services as soon as possible in 2018 with the aim of harnessing better network speed and power.

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