Home News Do not use the car! A 27-year-old man, indifferent, 23-year-old wife, brought her 11-year-old child to cry and beg

Do not use the car! A 27-year-old man, indifferent, 23-year-old wife, brought her 11-year-old child to cry and beg

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Do not use the car! A 27-year-old man is indifferent to his wife, 23, bringing an 11-year-old child to cry and plead. before finally surrendering from a telephone pole higher than 40 meters

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November 22, 2021 – Siam Rescue Unit Ruamjai Pu In Received notification from villagers that someone had climbed a telephone pole at Sadao Subdistrict, Nang Rong District, Buriram Province, so they brought forces with an ambulance to join the investigation.

The scene was a telephone pole of a telephone company. Located in front of Wat Chom Prasat, Ban Khwao, Sadao Subdistrict, Nang Rong District, met a man known later, Mr. Manaswee Krasathep, 27 years old, climbing on the top of a telephone pole. about 40 meters above the ground

Later, Ms. Pornthicha Sudchai, 23, accompanied her 11-year-old son, saying that the person on the top of the telephone pole is his own husband Because the husband took a picture of himself jumping on the lamppost, he hurriedly came.

Rescuers tried to convince them to bring the water up. With Mr Manaswee’s father and his wife calling up with tears asking him to come down and saying “we’ll be together” after being at the top for more than 3 hours, Mr Manasvey agreed to climb down. amid the relief of relatives Officials and villagers who came to cheer during the negotiations a lot.

Ms. Pornthicha said that she and her husband worked in Saraburi province in the past 6 months. When she was 8 months pregnant, she left her job and brought her husband to stay at her mother’s house. After giving birth to her child, she is now 5 months old and her husband is working in Nang Rong.

Husband is jealous When he talks to his friends who used to know each other They are always arguing with each other. And every time we fight The husband is going to her husband’s grandmother’s house. which is in each village but never freezes In the evening, it will come back to you. But this time, he escaped for 3 days until he learned of the matter.

On the side of Mrs. Lamphueng Katawong, 74 years old, Mrs. Manaswee’s grandmother said that she had raised this grandson since he was a child. Every time he quarreled with his wife, he would console him to stay together.

But this time, he came to sleep at his house and complained that Wife won’t let me touch a motorcycle because Huang doesn’t go to work some days. Disappointed, she will come to her grandmother. causing them to talk about helping out the down payment for the motorcycle and then let the grandchildren find a loan so that there will be no more problems

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