“Do you have a ghost?”

Reviewers of “Insult to Home Shopping Channel”

Jeong Yoon-jeong. Picture | SNS Jung Yoon-jung

The Advertising Review Subcommittee of the Korean Communications Standards Commission (KCC) has exceptionally decided on legal sanctions for Jung Yoon-jung’s popular home shopping profanity broadcast, leaving only the decision of the entire committee meeting.

On the 28th, the Advertising Subcommittee of the Inspection Committee held a meeting, and a complaint was filed that Jeong Yoon-jung was annoyed that the broadcast could not be ended early and felt uncomfortable because he even cursed After hearing the statement, a warning and disciplinary action were taken together.

The committee’s decision is divided into ‘no problem’, administrative guidance steps ‘opinion’ and ‘recommendation’, statutory sanctions ‘warning’ and ‘warning’, ‘correction/adjustment/stopping a program or disciplinary action’, and ‘ penalty’. . Starting with legal sanctions, it becomes a reason to deduct points when re-licensing or re-approving a broadcasting company.

Lee Gyeong-yeol, managing director of external cooperation at Hyundai Home Shopping, who attended the opinion statement on the day, said, “The sales manager warned the performer verbally and posted an apology in the name of the CEO on the website, and we will check the system to ensure that the same issue does not arise again in the future.” It is late, but be mindful of what you have realized and reflect upon. It has never been like this for 20 years,” he appealed for mercy.

However, the critics’ response was said to be cold.

Commissioner Oxicchan said, “Was it written by a ghost? It seems presumptuous, but it is,” revealing its absurdity.

Commissioner Kim Yu-jin also said, “If you look at the performer’s (Jung Yoon-jung) broadcasting style, it was a predictable accident.” he criticized. “Broadcasting the sale of a product is a real-time mutual communication between the seller and the viewer, so to speak, swearing in the face of the viewer, and the subsequent measures are insufficient, so legal sanctions are inevitable.”

Member Heo Yeon-hoe also said, “Even individual YouTubers don’t swear like this. I feel insulted by the whole home shopping channel. After swearing, Mr. Jeong, ‘Can I treat it like a variety show?

Jeong Yeon-joo, chairman of the Guard, also said, “I only apologized afterwards when it was adopted as an agenda for the Guard without an official apology even after being sworn in. I don’t think I took the matter seriously.”

However, Commissioner Kim Woo-seok said, “Since Mr. Jeong is a freelancer, I don’t know if he can seriously ask the home shopping company for management responsibility.”

On January 28th, while selling cosmetics on a live broadcast of Hyundai Home Shopping, Jeong Yoon-jung was accused of swearing “XX”, which spread late and was hit hard.

As the controversy grew, Jung Yoon-jung late posted on SNS on the 17th, “At first, I didn’t even recognize it myself, but many people pointed out my mistakes, and I to also watch Gina’s broadcast again and realize what a big mistake I had made. Even a sincere apology is delayed, so I apologize once more.”

Jung Yoon-jung is a popular show host who has been on the rise in home shopping by combining excellent wit, colorful facial expressions, and friendly charm. In 2016, he left GS Home Shopping, where he worked for 15 years, and works as a freelancer. In 2013, he sold cosmetics called ‘miracle cream’ and apologized when he was caught up in controversy over ‘false broadcasting’.


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