“Do you have any health problems?”… Top singer who surprised fans by appearing with a bare body (Photo)

Singer Chungha made fans worry about her skinny body.

Below is Chungha’s Instagram

On the 29th, Chungha posted three photos with the hashtag ‘Killing Me’ on her personal Instagram.

In the published photo, he is standing in front of a blue wall wearing jeans and a crop top and posing.

She showed off a shocking transformation with thick eye makeup and long hair that fell down to her waist.

He showed off his figure 11 abs and showed off his body that looked much leaner than before.

Some netizens were also worried because of the bare arms and face.

Earlier, Chungha appeared on a radio program in the past and revealed that she maintains her weight of 42 kg.

Community Theku users showed concern when they saw Chungha’s photo.

Community Duck Comments Window
Community Duck Comments Window

Chungha appeared on KBS Joy’s ‘Ask Anything’, which aired in February, and confessed that she was born with a weak body and suffered from insomnia.

Chungha made a comeback with a new song ‘Killing Me’ on the 29th.



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