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November 1, 2022 4:20 am

mLayali like that. They do not see the dark reality in front of them. For curiosity we must all look at the unrealities in the distance with curiosity. Aren’t we rushing after telling stories like Swapna, Sarita and Governor? In the meantime we forget the stories of Nov. Forget the channels too. The unknown psychopath in the attempt to rape the museum site is now the star of the channels. As it happens, sex and crime thrillers are combined. When they were hungry in Attapadi, they stole some rice, cooked it, caught it, tied it and beat it before they could eat it. Another cruelty is that a tribal youth named Sarin from Idukki was caught in a fake case of killing a wild deer and smuggling the meat. Sarin, who has secured three positions in the PSC exams and is waiting for a job, is a self-proclaimed enlightened person who committed these heinous acts of untouchability. It is when remembering this that the lamentation in the poem ‘Kadammanittate Kurathi’ comes to light. ‘Think about yourself, how you became who you are’.

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‘Vantavasii’ has a centuries-old history of violence against the inhabitants of the forest. Red Indians migrated from Asia to America through Siberia twenty thousand years ago. Those who built a humble life in the jungle of the Amazon jungle and the ancient fermentations of the rivers. Nature was their mother. Their energy was rivers. It was during this period that the white Saipans entered their peaceful shores. In the five hundred years since the 15th century, white savages killed 80 percent of the Red Indians. Later the plan was to grab their land by consensus. Governor Isaac Stephenson was appointed by the American government for this purpose. He was received respectfully by the Red Indians. ‘You must surrender this land, and give it away. “You should move somewhere else,” said the governor. They didn’t even know to ask the tribes who didn’t even know how to trade, why the dollar was paper. Then an answering speech by elder Seattle, a Red Indian chief. That speech is famous today. It became the first environmental protection sermon in human history. “Perhaps you white and reformed people do not understand my feelings as a savage. Can we sell the sky? Will someone come and buy the air? How can the heat of the soil be sold? Have you ever experienced the loneliness of a parrot? Do you know the music of butterfly wings? In the murmur of the leaves are the voices of our fathers. There are coconuts. Earth is our mother, our sister, not our enemy. We savages, animals and grassland share this air. Water in rivers is not just water. It is energy and radiance for us and our generations. Let there be an end to those you condemn to go live in the Ponta. But we will be back. To survive” the Seattle elder paused with teary eyes. Does not the voice of that Red Indian elder come to our enlightened ears like the voice of Madhu of Attapadi, Sarin of Idukki and lakhs of brothers who live in the forest…

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When Rishi Sunak became Prime Minister of Britain, all Indians became eight-legged mummies. Some say that it was the poetic justice of history against the British who wanted to subjugate India. Indian origin, Indian son-in-law are all descriptions. Cousin of Infosys founder Aksharamurthy, daughter of billionaire Narayanamurthy and Sudhamurthy, brother-in-law of Rohan Murthy. So Rishi Sunak’s official residence can now be named Theenmurthy Bhavan. What is the truth? Rishi Sunak wasn’t even born in India. Rishi’s paternal grandparents were born in Gujranwala, Punjab, which was once in undivided India, Pakistan. Those who migrated to Kenya even before India gained independence. Later, as migratory birds, they came to Britain as teenagers. Even Rishi was born in Britain. He spent three days in India for the wedding with Akshara. Having said all this, things are not limited to Britain, our eight-legged mummy. The Prime Minister of Mauritius PK Jagannath is of Indian origin. They migrated centuries ago from Bihar to Mauritius, where the vast majority are. The current Chief Minister Pravint Kumar Jagannath is the son of former Chief Minister Aniruddha Jagannath. US Vice President Kamala Harris also has roots in India. At the age of 19, Ayamma came to the United States in 1958 and spent a lot of time there. The Prime Minister of Portugal, Antonio Costa, has committed an offense by saying he was born in India. When Goa was a Portuguese colony, mummies born to Portuguese parents but branded as Indians!

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But, not only the Mamoos, but even NSS General Secretary Sukumaran Nair is not talking about Thani Kiryathunair from Kerala becoming the President of Singapore. Devannair’s late CV was President of Singapore. Sridevi’s mother’s son in the Thalassery Chembara house. Father also in Thalassery Malayali. Devan Nair migrated to Malaya at the age of 10 and later moved to Singapore before Malaya became Singapore and Malaysia. He became a leader of the Communist Party and teachers’ unions. Led many protests. Eventually, he became one of the founding leaders of the People’s League Party. With the President of Singapore. It is believed that he died of liver disease due to excessive drinking. Devannair said his opponents drug him. Anyway, no one is saying that Devannayers are Malayali and not even of Indian origin. If you go this far, will you say that the Prime Minister of Sri Lanka, Chandrika Kumaratunga, is Indian?
In the past, children used to play thief and police. As time changed, he became a governor and a minister. Governor that I have dismissed him. Mantrikutty said there are people who want to sack him. The Governor said that there is a section for it in the constitution. Minister that that section. Governor that I have lost my favor in you. What will happen if the governor loses favor, said the minister. The governor said there was a precedent for it. The minister said that Sir CP was submissive. With this, the governor said that the game will end. Mantrikutty and Governor Chetan move with slogans; This is the country that killed the CP, remember!

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