Do you remember!? Bom Thana disappeared from the industry for 5 years. Recently, this shape looks like this.

from what is known “Bom Thana Iamniyom” Lack of work in the industry because the character itself does not match the role you want to fulfill. Back in 2016, he revealed the reason for losing weight was because he might be unemployed in the industry. So I didn’t take care of myself. and the young Bombshell herself disappeared from the industry for almost 5 years

Today we are going to take everyone to look at their current picture. Collected from @bombiie’s personal Instagram Although it is thinner than 5 years ago, it still isHandsome and perfect, looks very good. Until many women saw it and clicked the like button again and again. And when Bom posted pictures of fans, they all said they were missing each other.