Do you see the case of punishment for bad comments? “I haven’t met you, but I post false disclosure”

[김현서 기자] Go Seung-woo, a lawyer from Gangnam, a law firm (Yoohan) who was in charge of accusing singer Park Ji-hoon’s bad comments, introduced the absurd case.

On the 14th, the late lawyer posted a post on his blog, “This is a real case of accusing and punishing defamation/insulting bad guys (Park Ji-hoon case)”.

At that time,’Produce 101 Season 2’ended and Park Ji-hoon debuted as Wanna One and was active. “From the first volume delivered by fans to the agency, there were thousands of cases classified by the agency according to the schedule standard I suggested. “He explained.

He said, “I felt like I was endlessly devastated by the time the complaint was filed as I continued to encounter double swearing, family swearing, sexual swearing, body swearing, weird composite photos and ridicule throughout the weekend.”

Park Ji-hoon / Top Star News HD Photo Bank

At the same time, “Fans said a lot of saying that it would be best for Park Ji-hoon to not see the naked bad comments. However, when suing a crime such as defamation or insult, it is a principle that the complainant is present and going through the process of expressing his intention to punish. “I remember that I also attended the police station together with me to read the crime list, and calmly expressed my intention to punish me.”

In particular, a late attorney who mentioned a false revelation post said, “Because it was too specific, there were so many comments, and I remember that most of the negative reactions were even the contents of cursing Park Ji-hoon.” “Affler has never met Park Ji-hoon, did not go to middle school in the same area, and was just a person who had no connection.”

The defendant revealed that he was a 28-year-old male office worker and added, “I have never met Park Ji-hoon, but he said he left a defamatory article for fun.”

Meanwhile, Park Ji-hoon, a former child actor, made his debut as Wanna One by appearing in Season 2 of Mnet’Produce 101′ in 2017. Currently, she is active as a solo singer.



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