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Do you want to record? Mukesh again | Mukesh MLA | Kollam

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Kollam കൊല്ലം The message circulating on social media is that Kollam MLA and actor Mukesh has no rest for his phone no matter what happens in Kerala. Adding some examples from the past, it is clear that there is truth behind this. The truth is that the constituency and the district will change and call Mukesh to seek help and find out why.

His response to some of the intolerances is also controversial. Now circulating under the name of Mukesh’s audio is a phone call made to confirm whether the school will open on Monday. The caller needs to know if the school will open on November 1st. This time the call came from Kollam district itself. But still the constituency has changed. The phone call was from Kovur Kunjumon MLA’s constituency.

Mukesh replied, “Why didn’t you call him?” Isn’t he poor? He is waiting for your phone call. Complaining that no one is calling. Aren’t you recording all this .. ‘The caller replied no. ‘That which is not recorded. Should be recorded. Don’t record all this .. ‘Mukesh replied in his own style. This audio is going viral in the pages under the name of Mukesh’s next phone call.

English Summary: Mukesh MLA viral phone call on school opening


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